Web Design Company in Mumbai

Most business owners have owned up to the fact that good web design is important for their business. But when asked why it was important, only a few could give adequate answer. Web Design is not completely about it’s aesthetic. It is not enough to just add the bells and whistle to the web design of the website when it does not attract customers and increases sales. Many companies try to compartmentalize the process and hire one web design firm for web design and another firm for completing the marketing work.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Take a Comprehensive Approach

The approach for hiring different people for doing different part of the website is no longer effective. Instead, it is important to take a comprehensive approach. Web design should be effectively deeply rooted in your inbound marketing and branding strategy. If you hire three different agencies for web design, marketing and branding then it will be difficult to make them work in cohesion and also help your company reach towards its conversion goals.

Design Matters, and so does your Content

As a business owner, you’ll do yourself a favor by creating a website which will resonate with your target audience. It has been seen in studies conducted, that users consider the aesthetics and the web design elements are top factors when considering if to trust the companies and website. Most users share the same red flags to watch out for including busy layouts, pop-up ads, boring web design, slow page load times, and small print.

Next to the design elements, visitors consider the content as the major factor considered by them. You must have heard countless times that content is king. However you need to deliver consistent content while keeping the attention to the visitors. Doing this through conventional text seems challenging. Adding certain design elements to the website will help them stay on the website and consume the content.

Improve Your Branding Strategy.

Each year, Google adds more weightage to the branding in the search algorithm. Always keep in mind that your website should serve as an extension of your brand. If you have a physical store, consider keeping the branding elements characteristics in sync with the logo, color and font. This gives your business more credibility, which could have a huge impact on increasing sales.

Boosting Conversions

All your traffic generation efforts prove useless if you cannot pull in the traffic and convert them into customers. While it has been the subject of debate for many years, most marketers now agree that web design has a direct correlation with conversion rates. When it comes to web design you need to concentrate on three elements: navigation, call-to-action and color scheme.

Be sure to make your website navigable. Make sure it is easy for customers to reach any page they want. And once they reach the content which they are looking for, make sure there is a call-to-action to convert them into customers. This process requires A/B testing which will tell them if they know the best spots to place the CTAs and what wording is the best. Lastly, the color scheme you use can encourage customers to make a purchase without them realizing it. By simply changing the color of the links you can make sure that there can be more clicks by users, which means more opportunities for closing sales.