Web Design Company in Mumbai

Web design is a fun, interactive and creative profession, but with the growing demands of clients and the ever growing number of softwares out there it is tough to stay up-todate. There are a number of new technological innovations, new programs and techniques which will keep you from going through any pains which a web designer goes through. Here are some of the web design tools which you could use:

Web Design Company in Mumbai

  • Invision

Wonder what your mock up would look like if you didn’t have the time and resources to put together a mock-up? Enter Invisionapp, which will give you high-def, flawless mockups within minutes. Show others your vision, see how specific elements will look like in real terms, or edit and manipulate design elements thanks to the flexible, fast and free InvisionApp software.

Invision has a slew of features which would make it better than drinking hot cocoa during a cold night. Share your mockups with others, making presentations more professional and shareable with collaboration than ever before. Chart progress, leave comments, or create to-do lists within the app as well.

  • Foundation

If you have designed emails you would have recognized how difficult it is to get it right for every situation. With the help of ink you can have some of the most responsive and effortless email response system in the world. Ink is a responsive email framework built with HTML that allows you to create email templates that work with all types of clients and devices. Built with responsive grids, Ink lets you plug your flair into a basic template code framework for instantly beautiful and responsive HTML emails that work everywhere.

  • Pixlr

Picture the most beautiful picture you have seen. Now think about recreating a web design element with the same contours, the same curves and the same colors. Think it is impossible? Think again. With a suite of tools which put the impossible within your reach, Pixlr shows that their limitations are more far off than they actually thought it was. From photo editing to overlays and extensive image creation, Pixlr challenges you to push the borders of web design beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed before.

  • Axure

Axure is another program which lets you sketch design and bring it to life. An interactive wireframing tool, Axure lets you create mock-ups with a cinch with plenty of elements used to customize your design, templates that you can use over and over again, annotations for easy note taking and referencing. Place holders are also used within the software to allow smooth and effortless interactivity among team members.

  • Macaw

Macaw gives non-coders hope. Draw a design feature on the webpage and Macaw will convert into HTML and CSS. Incorporate design types such as dynamic fonts, apply global styles for multiple designs, showcase your design to others, comment, and do some collaboration, and create dynamic layouts with static, fixed and absolute positioning.

  • FontStruct

FontStruct makes it easy to create fonts you’re looking for using geometric shapes, get inspiration from other designers, and share your creation and crafting your own fonts called True Types,, fitting every situation and any design occasion.