Web Development Company in Mumbai

When you built your website, you expected customers to instantly get attracted to it and convert them into customers.

Just like Kevin Costner’s Ray Kinsella in the ‘Field of Dreams,’ you thought if you built it people would come and visit it.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

But what happens when your website isn’t drawing enough traffic or converting customers like it is supposed to?

Most probably the cause of this may be some common web design flaws. But this can be repaired pretty easily.

  1. Your Shopping Cart is complicated

Back in 2009, Smashing Magazine wrote in an article that a poorly functioning shopping cart is a huge turn-off for most online shoppers and gave this advice which still makes sense even today:

“Make sure your cart lets a user add an item and then return to the last page they were on. Even better: allow them to add an item to their cart without ever leaving the page they’re on (by using a mini cart). Let your customer edit the quantities of items in their cart or remove an item from their cart. And let them preview what shipping charges will be before they start the checkout process.”

The reason why most shoppers shop online is for convenience which is highly important. So the more easier you can make the process of adding items to the cart the more reasons for the users to keep the cart full.

  1. Your product images are too small

According to most experts when it comes to product images size does matter.

The article made by HubSpot’s “2 eCommerce Image Tips that Increase Sales Conversion” notes:

“Your images should be large and clear enough for buyers to see every detail. A zoom feature to help with the smallest of details is always a great idea, too. Photograph and feature every product from a variety of angles, too. Buyers will want to see top, bottom, sides, and inner workings of everything you sell. Again, without those details, consumers will walk away and find a site that can provide the images they need.”

  1. Your site is not responsive

This one is no biggie. Your website should be viewed just like it is on your desktop as it is on mobile devices. Mobile viewing experience is the norm of online shopping now rather than an exception. If your website is not responsive to the screen of the mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones then the customer will find a competitors website which will.

  1. You have an undesirable call-to-action

Your website should have a strong call-to-actions which are easy to understand and follow. A/B testing can help you narrow your more desired and most effective call to action for your target audience. Use your analytics to determine what is working and what needs to be revamped in the wording and look at your CTAs.

  1. Your pages load slowly

When you visit the DMV, and you are forced to wait in a line in it, then it would frustrate the heck out of you. There is a similar feeling when web pages load slowly, your customers get the same frustrated feeling.

However, unlike the DMV, the customers have no reasons to put up with your frustrating slow website. So they will go to a competitors website which loads faster.

The takeaway

The part which should interest you, is in order to make the website more successful you should be making the buying process as frictionless as possible. When it comes to the flaws there are many more than the ones which are posted here.

But, making websites which are highly responsive, have an efficient shopping cart integration, a faster loading website, high-quality images and strong call-to-action will not only increase the conversion rate of the website but will also make the website more profitable.