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Automakers, chemical manufacturers and energy companies are example of companies who rely on environmental design. We think it’s time the world opted for environmentally-friendly website design for a change.

Before you answer that website’s doesn’t cause pollution think about the most important resource they are wasting: time and attention. Just for fun, I’ve compiled a short list of new policies I think would make the digital world a better, cleaner place.

No More on-Page Pop Ups, Ever

As a Web Design Company in India, Marketers love these because there is some evidence that they boost response rates. But really, when have you ever visited a website, had a giant ad pop up on the screen, and not been annoyed?

To users, these are no different from telemarketers calling at dinner time.

Banning Keyword Stuffing

After minutes of frantic searching you finally found the article you were looking for. Or atleast you thought so, after a minute of reading, you noticed that the post is little more than a bunch of gibberish that seems to be glued together by variations of the same search term.

Google is ignoring such articles and so are readers, so why do they keep posting them?

Getting Rid of Fake Social Accounts

As a Web Design Company in Mumbai, there are many marketers who have been caught on social media platform using fake followers, false personalities and armies of zombie social accounts. Every time you get a chat request for a person who isn’t really there, some small part of your online soul dies.

Removing False Dealine Counters Once and For All

A cornerstone of high-pressure sales approach, are these countdowns on sales and discount deals online. These create a frantic order making situation with users and after a day or two, you find that the deadlines has magically moved back.

Airing Out Stale Websites

There are websites which have been there from the 90s, sitting on the side of the information highway looking like broken down trucks and washing machines. As a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, if we can’t get them brought into the current age, maybe it’s time to put these pages out of their misery.

Scrubbing the Web of Broken Links

Few things are quite as frustrating as looking for links which do not exist because companies have removed the pages which used to be linked with these links. This can break down moral as well cause irritation to the users and there are more dead links on the web than you might imagine.

These probably aren’t all the changes we need to make to clean up our digital world, but they represent a good start. It is important to note these when we move towards an online landscape that’s free of this type of pollution.