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Website Design is the process of providing information about your business and also representing you and your business before thousands of people over the Internet. In today’s world to be really successful you need to ensure that you are effectively and efficiently designing your website that can easily gain the attention of a targeted audience.

Web design Company in Mumbai

Draw a Big picture of your Business on the Web

This doesn’t mean to draw a big image on a canvas. This means to provide effective brand information over the internet to attract the potential audience and make them aware to avail your services. This is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. In this article, we are going to talk about a series of things which will help you judge the effectiveness of your web design.

Some things which come to your mind when you are judging the effectiveness of your Website

  • Is the website design current in trends? The website design of your website should follow the current scenario in term of trends and should be able to easily attract the audience towards the website.
  • Is the website design, responsiveness? The website design should be effective and should be able to open with all types of devices even if it is a desktop, tablets, mobile phones etc.
  • Is the information on the website accurate? Contact information and other relevant information should be accurate so it can be used by the audience.
  • Is the website design following your brand guidelines? Logos, color, theme and other relevant metrics should be followed while finding out if the website design follows your brand guidelines.

Now let us look at certain guidelines which need to be followed, which play an important role in the website:


The logos are the imagery and text which will be easily distinguished by users when they are trying to identify brands amongst the others in the market. They should be clear and easily recognizable. These images which are placed on the website should be similar in sizes, be approved versions and placed correctly on the website for a greater understanding of what the brand stand for.


In the above section, we have introduced the brand guidelines which specify each and every term which associated with the brand and its design. The color theme is one of them, and we should use the color combination as described by the brand to clearly define and provide information to the audience. One more thing we should remember to maintain consistency when it relates to color combination in website design.


Imagery refers to the images which are used to effectively present information towards the audience in an efficient manner. Thus, while designing a website, we should effectively choose an image and their selection. Graphics or images should be more clear and simple. Graphics does not only mean images. It also means smaller icons, images, videos, banners etc.


The information provided in the website should be clear, precise and informative in providing the clear message of the products to the customers. Every part of the message, including the benefits statements, language, and calls to action should upload the similar message and also convey the audience to avail our services.

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