Website designing company in Mumbai


Website designing company in Mumbai

Colors are present everywhere, whether it is the color of flowers, the color of cars and the colors seen through movies, televisions and internet. It would be hard to understand anything if it was not colored, you would consider any color to be absent then it would be like old black and white movies which have been tuned out due to advancements in technology.

As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, we understand that colors can be seen that colors have a huge impact on visitors for people. Did you know that the color on the website affects the mood and behavior of visitors? People understand that certain colors can bring people to buy and take action on websites and this is considered before making any design changes on the website.

There is a science behind colors, once an eye sees a color certain bodily functions take place by stimulating the brain and force people to take certain actions in order due to the color shown on the website or avoid such situations which are responsible for mood fluctuations, emotions and it effectively causes   the behavior of people to change.

As a SEO Firm, Color Psychology says that there are people who don’t support the concept of color psychology as these are tough to interpret, but evidences help to prove all the aspects of color psychology and certain experts have formed an hypothesis that customer forms an opinion about any product within 90 seconds and this is mostly because of interactive decisions which are based on the product’s color.

Women are Purple, Blue and Green

It is seen that a majority of women love Purple, blue and green and dislike grey and brown. Because of this, it might seem that women are more likely to react to websites which include such colors and dislike the other. So, if you are building a website on such colors and also know that most E-Commerce website which target women audience love such colors.

Men Love Blue and Green

When building websites which target men consider using blue and green and refrain from using colors such as orange, purple and brown. As a Website Designing Company, it is seen that men dislike colors which are based on brown and usually have the same color preferences as the Women.

Both Women and Men Love Blue

Blue is a common bonding factor for websites which want to target both women and men customers. The color displays trust, loyalty, peace and order. It brings a feeling of serenity and calmness amongst both these groups. When designers are using Blue color they also build trust between the website and the individual.

When and where to use Yellow

It is seen that yellow is used by web designers to show fun and happiness, and it also suggests playfulness and friendship. This should not be used with babies as it annoys babies and causes anger among people, it is also seen that yellow bumps up the anxiety center of the brain which is not something that is welcome over websites.

Green, Black and Orange color

Green signifies nature, environment and color of outdoors and also symbolizes the beauty and calmness of nature. Orange is associated with fun and is found to be impulsive and is conducive in creating confidence, stimulates physical activity and competition. Black represents sophistication and add values, as the intensity increases the more luxurious it appears to be.

Color for Call-to-Action

It should be known that call-to-action is used to make sales and improve business for your company, so you should consider not using dark colors such as brown, purple and dark grey along with black will make it difficult to convert. The colors that can be used for designing calls-to-action that are highly converting include red, green, yellow and orange.

White Color

White color may be the most used for designing our websites and it is a color that all people love, there are tons of E-commerce websites which use the white color which means that it can be used to create conversions. White represents freedom, peace and spirituality. That is why this color must be used.