When you consider developing a website, even a social networking website you need to consider that the costs do not over weigh the profit made from such sites. We can hardly remember living without social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. Such websites are used to link people and ideas from around the world- they are not only source of income for the website owners, but also for businesses that use these networks to build their online presence.

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We are going to discuss the most popular ones that are often chosen for website development:


As a Web Development Company in India, this is considered as a powerful programming language and is used to create dynamic websites along with interactive web pages from scratch. It can be said that 80% of the websites use this language and is the language of choice of most development company.

Major social networking website Facebook started as a PHP website, which now has changed to HACK, its custom-tailored dialect of PHP. The Russian social networking giant, Vkontakte, also developed its own version of PHP- KPHP- to improve performance of the website.

These websites are also very prone to hacker attacks since it’s a very well known

language and some use their skills for getting information. One more problem is the direct correlation between growth of a PHP website and a number of servers required to run it.


Java is often chosen by developers to create high traffic websites which are needed in some cases. The benefits of such websites include high performance speed to load the website, another advantage of Java is that it is platform-independent due to availability of Java Virtual Machine, such a way that the website is easily interpreted by computers and do not require a compiler to become readable.

As a Website Development Company in Navi Mumbai, one more factor of Java is its great development ecosystem. It has a big community of developers and consequently can boast excellent documentation as well as support coming along with it. Java makes both server-side and client-side development possible.

But there are other factors which need to be considered, notably that Java Project, and a high cost of such a project is the first one to take into account. A team of Java Programmers costs much more than any other programming language.


PERL was a programming language which was designed for fast to learn and fast to run. It had been developed around three decades ago, but it became useful for web programming in the late 1990’s when it was used to create dynamic web pages. As a Web Development Company in Mumbai, this language has since been losing ground since PHP was designed as a language for web development.

PERL can be used to interact with other developers as it shows a large and keen programming community, and you need using online forums or discuss best practices with other PERL developers.


Python is known as an easy, flexible and powerful general purpose programming language that is best for web development. This programming language is used by such online properties such as Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube and Disqus.

However, Python can only handle the back-end of a social networking website. The front end needs to be developed in a different language such as HTML. There are many frameworks that can be use to make websites in Python.

As a Web Development Company in Vashi, social networking websites have many users and many instances of all their pages run simultaneously, thus creating a high-load environment. While Python requires that all the instances to process requests than compiled languages need. So compiled languages are preferable when it comes to social networking websites.

One more issues along with the high price to develop a social networking website in Python is that it is not supported by many cheap web hosts, while PHP is supported by nearly all web hosts.

All in all , there are many programming languages that can be used to develop a social networking websites. A number of factors will impact the choice of a language, a complexity of the project, future development plans, a budget of a project etc.