Web Development Company in Mumbai

Web Development Company in Mumbai                                                                    (Courtesy of Freepik.com)

If you are a web developer or are involved in DevOps you may be aware of the many tools available from the open source communities. These applications have a growing customer base and are always spreading at a fast rate. Most Web development environments cater especially to developers who favor certain languages and environments.

Kompozer is a huge favorite among developers who are into Cascading style sheets, Kompozer’s rendering engine uses Gecko, which is also used by Mozilla Firefox. As it is a easy to use CSS editor and strong WYSIWYG features. As a Web Development Company in Mumbai, the ease of use requires that even a developer who is not experience can use this development platform in Windows, Mac and Linux to create web applications.

Developers can also benefit greatly from websites such as W3Schools, as it is extremely rich educational resource for building best-of-breed online applications. The site has many hand-on tutorial and examples of code for use by developers and you can brush up on CSS, publishing your experiments to actual pages, or walk through examples of how to use everything from AJAX to PHP.

If you want to work with graphics and images, then GIMP editor is a fine tool which can be used, built on the open source communities it has excellent tips and tools and online guides to the applications that will get you going quickly.

Piwik is open source web analytics software which comes highly recommended. It is beneficial to get as many views of your data as possible, so you can use Piwik in conjunction with a tool like Google Analytics. Piwik’s features are built inside plug-ins, and a community of developers contributes interesting plugins. It also has a customizable interface where you  can drag drop widgets onto the software.

Quanta Plus is a very rich, open source web development environment for developers who concentrate on PHP web application. As a Web Development Company in Navi Mumbai, because the Development Environment is appealing to those in the Linux community as it does a good job of working on multiple pages and lets you debug PHP pages.

Notepad++ has been a very popular open source code editor and text editor for a long time, many people use it as a replacement for Windows Notepad and as an editor to write blog posts in and doesn’t introduce formatting problems like some word processors.

Firebug extension for Firefox, you are deep into development for the web, experimenting with CSS changes no longer requires that you reload a page, using Firebug you can dynamically edit an HTML element’s styling, looking at the effect as you change each variable value.

These are the different types of open source software available which will help you optimize your desktop development environment.