Methods of Modern Web Design Trends

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Knowledge about the way people browse websites and make decisions online is fairly important. And with this knowledge, web designers are creating website design which fulfill all these expectations, websites are minimalistic, flat and material design which allow the user to browse the website and through the use of UX experts the website becomes streamlined and encouraging users to complete forms, download data and help companies convert transactions into sales.

There are many UX and UI Design widgets available online which will add to the user experience of their site generating leads and guide users through their marketing funnel.

These modern on-page elements like images, icons and buttons can encourage user experience and clicks and conversions by building navigational momentum for the users.  We as a Web Design Company in India, popular websites are dynamic, intuitive and often visually stunning.

Web Design Company in India

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Use Ghost Buttons: Use ghost buttons rather than using Plastic buttons, these buttons are transparent and loads fast due to small file size. Their transparent design also lets the website’s branding shine through them. Ghost buttons boast a high click response rate because they are pleasant, clean and encouraging aesthetic.

Use Cards with material, semi-flat design: this derives inspiration from not only Google’s aesthetics but also Minimalistic Swiss Design. The use of cards on website is popular and use what are known as material design which suggests order, hierarchy and mobility. They can keep up with skimmers and scanners by presenting information in small, digestible chunks.

Use of Micro-Interactions: Micro interactions between the website and the user can include anything from clearing a notification or swiping the slider down on a mobile page to refresh. Micro-interactions help to make your page more tactile, engaging and human. This helps keep the user involved at several stages throughout their journey and facilitate a connection between them and the machine.

Scalable WebPages: use scalable vectors to ensure that your graphics and videos look uniform across platforms. When a page looks beautiful and load efficiently, users will have an easier time interacting with your content and conversion rates will be higher. They should make your screen scalable so they can reach your entire audience, load quickly and have the same effect on your customers regardless of screen size.

Site Animation: Modern and rich navigational animations can make your site more effective at guiding your users toward action. Whether it is a small page load or something like movement over the hover of the mouse the animation will give user some momentum when navigating towards a sale or conversion.

Non Intrusive, Subtle Icons for Social: As a Web Design Firm, use social icons sparingly on websites, when considering how to display icons and on which page to put it on share icons should be included on blog and creative content that you want people to engage. Whether a social media icon is designed to get your readers to share your content, nobody likes a desperate or intrusive plea for social interaction. If your social icons are too prominent in the deeper-funnel parts of your website, it can cause more harm as it will distract and even irritate the user and cause him to navigate away.

Modern website elements should be responsive, bold, artistic and simple. When the purpose is convert traffic into sales, then you require removing the friction in your customer’s journey then dynamic content should make that trip as easy and natural as possible.