How to Convert Static Website to Dynamic Website

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In current days, we require the need to create dynamic website which can help companies and websites to load a certain type of data whenever the user requires for it. Dynamic websites are websites which are built for interaction with databases and other storage and communication devices, the most important part of dynamic websites are the links which can be added to the webpage which will move visitors from one page to another whenever they require it. As a Website Development Company in Mumbai understands that static website has been overshadowed because of this and static websites require maintenance on a regular basis which makes it very costly for companies.

HTML and CSS are the basis of every static website; it helps create heading, paragraph, photos, and static links in the web pages and websites. But, the only drawback is that it does not dynamically load any data as required, it holds data which have been manually entered by the webmaster. With dynamic website, there is always a connection with a Content Management System, it helps the website to gain greater accuracy in what was supposed to be added currently and has it been displayed correctly. Static websites have certain advantages such as being able to load pages quickly as there is caching which has been performed. Also, there is the fact that as it’s a static page, it does not require any database connection which will work in creating the website more secure and remain with the same content.

Dynamic websites are created with the help of certain server side languages such as PHP, ASP .Net, SQL, JSP and other database languages. It contains code which can be placed on the same page as the HTML Code.  Dynamic content is placed on the webpage you request and may be generated only for you at the time of request of page. The document which is being viewed exists only for you at the moment, if it is accessed on a later data or by a different user then the content which is presented will be different. The main importance of these websites is its seamless connection with database and also internet websites which can be connected to the content. Dynamic websites are useful for contents whose pages whose content changes too quickly to easily republish it. It also contains pages that display viewer-specific content, and pages that content conditionally.

As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, we understand that if there is needs for only small functionality then there need not be a whole change to dynamic webpages, you can create the dynamic functioning such as using JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and DHTML scripting languages. All of these, even mastered can be a replacement for dynamic websites. The advantages include asynchronous functioning, use of API Technologies and also adding dynamic content as required by the user. The different options available are hence shown in this content.