How the design of a website affects its SEO

SEO Company in Mumbai


seo company in Mumbai

Now a days, website not only stands for its place on the cyber world but also creates a unique identity for your local business or even any form of online services. SEO does the work of putting your website out there for services such as search engine results through organic searches, direct referral and typed in traffic. SEO not only depend on sound Meta tags and description through using wise keywords but also depend on the design, user experience and on-site optimization. As a SEO Company in Mumbai, we are here are some steps to consider while designing a website:

  • Title tags: working around title tags can be easy to understand and can lead to better SEO Results, the key of the title page is that it should contain one or more keywords which will link these words to the services. The length of the title should be between 55-65 characters and it should explain what is present on the webpage content, so the SEO Bot from google will understand what is being talked about.
  • Heading Tags: Heading tags are also workable for SEO robots which inform the content between these tags and what the main post of the page is. The tags are useful for two types of users, one a website visitor and another a search engine, both of them find out if there is anything important to be read ahead using these content tags.
  • Meta Description: Another important method of understanding the importance and relevance of a webpage is through a meta description, meta description do not change the page ranking in any form but it informs what is the content of the webpage by posting the information of the meta description in the search results under the link.
  • Design and UX: Design and UX are playing as much role in the ranking of the page as is the SEO and content of the page, the more interactive and workable links and webpages on a website, the more is the time on site rate and the less is the bounce rate, both these play an important role in the ranking of the webpage. KISSMetrics is an effective method of undersanding the UX effectiveness: firstly is to consider the amount of content on a website, is the website driveable, what is the first thing you see on the webpage, how many task are on the webpage, what can be taken out and see what is a distraction and serves no purpose.
  • Content Management Systems: As an SEO Company in Mumbai, it is important that you have control over the content management system which is hosting your website, if you use a developer and no content management system or you use an administrator to update the CMS then you have no control over the website and its ranking. Content, links, keywords, meta tag, images make a huge difference in the CMS and its ranking and not doing these will make your job difficult.

These are the important parts of ranking high in a Search Engine.