Website designing company in Mumbai


website designing company in Navi Mumbai

Once you have a website and business setup to start working you need a method and means of communicating to your clients and business partners, in order to do this the best method available is to register for an email address or even possible to subscribe to a professional email service. While most people consider it a waste of time, effort and cost to work on a professional email account, as a Website Designing Company in Mumbai, we understand that the possibilities that it may improve the working of the company can be tenfold.

  • A professional domain name included email will remind people about what your website is called as this acts as a link to your website. This will give your site more exposure and remind people who you are and what you do. If you send your email from a free service then they will remember who you are, while sending an email from a registered email address will not only remind them who you are but remind them the name and maybe remind them of the services provided by you.
  • Using the services of a free email address does not show professionalism on the part of you and your company, it adds a personal touch but is not useful if you require conducting a business. Most recipients would consider it a bad business practice as you have not spent the minimum amount to buy a email address to perform key business functions.
  • As a Website Designing Company in Mumbai, another problem is created in the delivery and open rates of email, if you own a personal email address then there are chances that mass emails will not be sent to all recipients and they will be marked spam on arrival. Even if the emails do arrive, the chances that they will be opened are not too great either; this is basically because most spammers use free email addresses to send and receive mass emails.
  • If advertisements are added to the email most people would consider it an offense, firstly because it can be considered spam email and another the fact that a free email service is reading the content of the email and sending specifically placed ads through the email. The important fact to notice is that email services for free will provide important space for their customers to place ads inside each email and hence will cater to the needs of those customers.
  • Lastly, the reason why you should consider getting a professional email is because it comes with the server services which you have a website hosted. This not only creates a matching email with the link included at the end but also improves professionalism with the email account.