An online e-commerce website is a liability to a company if it does not create enough sales and revenue. It can also bring down the brand value of the company as information can spread fast in the online world, and staying competitive is the only solution.

The highly popular web sites offer their most desirable products and services using a well-designed website. Highly effective design elements are key in such services which will help customers make a purchase or place an order.

Various factors such as market dynamics, current needs, user needs and business goals play an important role in the success or failure of an online e-commerce website.

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The best web design companies in the world have to provide websites which are functional, user friendly and above all, make them ensure that high-quality traffic keeps coming to the site and deliver sales in a consistent manner.

Selling products have several obstacles, and using the online medium increases this even further. The price competition is high and providing snap judgments are not rare either.

To overcome this hurdles, the web stores have to constantly innovate and provide appealing design elements for enhancing the brand name and ensure profitable sales figures.

Take the sequence of events which need to transpire for a successful e-commerce transaction-

  • The information superhighway or the internet has high traffic, and directing this traffic to your website is the first step
  • The landing page or the homepage should have enough attractive design elements to hold the attention of the customers for a small amount of time.
  • The design elements need to be eye catchy such as layouts, menus, icons, brand logo and photos and be inviting the customer to stay longer at the site.
  • The textual content as well as the design parameters should fulfill contextual requirements such as meaningful headings, bullet points, sales pitch, keywords, and targeted writing style.
  • The inventory and information about each and every product needs to be displayed at the right time such as name, description, price, quantity, size etc.
  • The customer needs to engage with the customer using interactive features and call to actions such as subscription to email list, order placements and instant purchase.
  • The order form, checkout and payment page need to function with little to none errors and time lags so that the customer does not lose interest.
  • The payment, verification and transactional details have to be secure and trustworthy.

However these following 6 points have the wherewithal to drive leads and increase sales.

  1. SEO Strategies

SEO friendly web design elements are important to drive sales and quality traffic to the site. The URL, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, keywords, key phrases, HTML headers, inline text links are incorporated into the design architecture to attract buying customers who can drive up sales.

  1. Engaging Landing Pages

The landing pages have to display every product description along with USP and engage users using CTA. The benefits and contact details should also be displayed using attractive brand logo, motto, symbol, photo, etc.

  1. Testimonial Evidence

Customers tend to mimic each other and trendy products tend to catch of fire in the online mode. Positive reviews, badges of honour, star ratings, words of praise are effective enough to influence an instant order placement.

  1. Brand Recognition

Digital marketing relies on intuitive layouts, user friendliness, interactive patterns, screen responsiveness, and brand recognition to generate positive results. Unique design elements and stylized presentation tend to catch on and become popular over a period of time.

  1. Persuasive call to actions

A simple form for subscriptions, online orders, newsletters, downloading freebies, discount offers and special sales have a magical effect in increasing profits or enlarging the mailing lists. Social media invites have also become very popular with familiar icons and engaging CTA.

  1. Magic Marketing Words

Sales require an array of qualities such as desire, demand, trust, money and thoughtful decisions which takes time. Magic words have the quality to speak volumes here with thoughtful words, place strategically to give the right kind of stimulus to the customers. They react or respond positively to well-designed elements such as small or large text size, familiar or stylish fonts, colours, themes and pictures.