Due to the ever changing landscape of the internet, the role played by web designers is constantly changing. No longer is it just an option for businesses to own a website. But now it is highly important that the website gets created and hosted quickly so that the businesses can continue their business. Now, in order to hire a good web designer you need to choose one who is up to date with the latest trends in order to keep things sharp and also to avoid falling short of the rest of the market.

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Let’s dig into the details of how exactly a web designer’s role is changing, and what that means for anyone looking to hire one. That way, when it comes time to design your website, you’ll know exactly what questions to ask.

Web designing has become more Specialized

Before, it used to be the case to call a web designer as a person who developed the website and optimized for SEO. Nowadays, since each of these fields is so complex, you cannot have a person who does both. Since most experts of SEO can optimize for content know that a web designer cannot do both.

Therefore, it need not be that the same person does all the part of work together, namely, writes your content, maintain your social media accounts and design your website. The exception is if you work for a web designing company or a marketing company who can hire enough specialists who can do all the web designing and SEO content work together.

Designers are No Longer Developers

The difference between a web developer and designer may seem minute when considered, but the difference needs to be considered when hiring what’s right for your website design.

Before the websites were less complex and simpler, so it was possible to hire a web designer who could work with the aesthetic and functional parts of the website and also works with the coding part of the website and make everything work. This is no longer the case.

Nowadays it is better to hire different people for both the designing and development roles. When it comes to web designing one should know how users interact with certain content, how color and images work best with the company enterprise, and how to best use the logos. Developers are better are solving complex code, making the website responsive and programming code. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these areas of expertise are interchangeable.

Web Designers Must be Collaborative

When considering a web designer one must know that it is tough to hire a web designer who can perform all the functions. Therefore, you should always hire a web designer who can seamlessly work with others- and connect you with other services, whether it is SEO, development, social media and more.

This collaborative spirit should work with businesses also. When considering a website development decision most businesses want to know if the website will pay off. Otherwise, why would they want to pay for it. When it comes to web designers one should know that it is not only important to create a great product, but to back that product with concrete data (site visits, bounce rates, click-through).

Great web designers know how to adjust in today’s web environment. Your website is a key part of your business plan and it should reflect your brand, services and message. You have every right to expect your designer to come through for you.


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