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Internet Marketers and SEO Experts know that SEO is a living thing, and there are constant changes made to the search engine’s algorithm which they need to stay on top of. Optimizing a website for SEO is not just a one-time deal, but is a continual process that requires a lot of hard work and creativity. This is because Google is constantly changing and updating its algorithm using factors which it uses to sort websites.

One of its changes in the past couple of years was Google’s introduction of App Indexing which will show apps alongside websites in the Google Search Results page. Google indexes app when the searches are conducted and searches the content placed on such apps, catalogs these apps and retrieve it when users search via Google. If a user searches a query which is similar to the app on their mobile device, Google displays a link to access and download the app, along with similar apps.

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That’s why search engine giants like Google are using the power of content on such apps to take advantage of all that information and include it in their search results. And it’s having a huge impact; for example, 27% of users now find apps via web searches in comparison to 2-3% in 2014.

Even though the practice of app indexing has complicated SEO even further, it should have come as no surprise as more searches are being performed on mobile devices now than ever before. The practice of app indexing is just another step towards a mobile-oriented world, and it’s now clear that mobile optimization is no longer a choice, but a must every marketer and SEO expert must implement while working on a website.

The Inside of App Indexing

“Firebase app indexing gets your App into Google Search. If users have your app installed, they can launch your app and go directly to the content they searched for.. it users don’t yet have your App, relevant queries trigger an install card for your app in search results.”, says Google.

What this basically means is that when you search something on Google, you will be able to directly access the content on such apps. Google displays a link to apps that you already have installed on your device, as well as links to download new apps that may be relevant to what you searched for.

For example, if you enter flight information and booking details of certain flights, it will lead you to apps available in the Google play store that have flight booking information. If you follow the links, they will take you directly to the app download page.

What are the Changes in SEO due to App Indexing?

As can be seen, SEO has changed a whole lot due to the changes in app indexing that force us to ask the question: what does this mean for search engine optimization?

There are a few major advantages to using app indexing:

  1. More accurate Search Result: Including the apps which are present on Apple iOS store and Google Play Store; including content which is present on thousands of apps will make the search result on such devices because Google has effectively increased the amount of information that it has at its disposal. The more information Google has to search, the more likely it is to find a match to what a user is searching for.
  2. Boost in User Engagement: By opening the services to a bigger audience, search results improve user engagement by encouraging people to discover new apps. App indexing makes apps more visible and easy to access, meaning users are more likely to engage with apps and take advantage of what they offer.
  3. Better User Experience: Lastly, App indexing improves the user experience of the searchers due to the last two points. More exact search results and more app visibility lead to a more efficient search engine and a better user experience.

It can be concluded that App indexing is something which cannot be ignored by SEO experts and needs to be incorporated in SEO strategy. That means following Google’s app indexing standards and implementing the standards which are laid out for websites which you would like to promote. Marketers that want to take advantage of the SEO benefits that app indexing offers should think about increasing their mobile presence by developing a mobile app for their product or service.