Google Analytics: SEO New Reports

Google Analytics new SEO reports

Google Analytics new SEO reports                                                            (Courtesy of

Google Analytics launched new reports for analyzing organic search traffic. Google Analytics provides four reports related to search traffic: Landing Pages, Countries, Devices and Queries. All four reports show the click, click through rates, impression and average position.

The four new Reports:

Landing Pages: As a SEO Services Company in India, the landing pages show all the data related to click, click through rates, impression and average position along with Google Analytics metrics such as sessions, bounce rate, pages per session, goals and transactions.

This includes pages which rank high and attract visitors organically but have a high bounce rate,  if the scores are low you need to consider optimizing those landing pages for better engagement or conversion.

You can also view landing pages which have a low bounce rate and high conversion rate but do not rank well. For this you can improve the SEO techniques which need to be employed to improve ranking.

Countries: As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, this category helps compare organic traffic from Google Search by country. You can see which countries generated the most impressions and clicks and which generate the most transaction.

You can use the data to check how each user converted and how as a whole they converted through organic search. Drill down on each country in this report for a list leading landing-pages data from visitors in that country.

Devices: The conversion rate along with the number of impressions, clicks, click-through rate and average position by devices along with the number of ecommerce transactions and revenue for the devices can be seen here. You can check the Ecommerce menu to Goals to compare organic search metrics to your internal goals.

You can use this report to see if your landing pages perform etter on desktop or mobile. If your traffic converts better on desktop, consider a deeper analysis of your mobile traffic to find areas to improve.

Queries: This provides information about the keywords which drove the impression and drove organic traffic to your site. The report shows clicks, impressions, click-through rate and average position. It also show which keywords drove the most impressions and click to your site.

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, one metric to watch over time is the average position. If your average position improves, your site will likely gain more impressions and clicks.  If you are targeting keywords in AdWords that already rank high in organic search, consider pausing those campaigns to see if your traffic maintains its level. You may be spending too much on traffic that would occur organically.