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Mobile lifestyles are fast changing the way the audiences use the internet. This is putting pressure on companies to adapt to the new trends that drive traffic to the website.

According to many experts, businesses need to adapt to the new technologies or risk losing their customers.

The good thing is that Content is still king, and hence it is seen that most visitors still look for content over flash. They want to learn more about your company, the product, and services you offer before they contact you. Content and education-based marketing has become the norm now and are essential components of a successful website.

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  1. Stronger Typography

Even though the content is still king, visitors are looking for information they are looking for on a website quickly. This includes making big, bold types to help visitors to skim through the content and have landing pages which visitors can land on while making the minimal effort on quick navigation.

  1. Video

Youtube has changed how videos work on a website, now motion and movement attracts and guides the eye. Done properly videos and animations can bring to life the website and the use of videos can increase the quality and effectiveness of the user experience, keeping them locked into your message.

  1. Flat Colors

Color selection is important. The use of striking and courageous colors as the latest trends are towards flat design that makes a website pop, whether it is viewed on a desktop, mobile or tablet. The resulting palette is bold, yet carefully coordinated to create additional impact.

  1. Authentic Images

The use of custom photography is another trend to watch. Most websites which used to rely on stock images and videos are now turning to professional photographers and videographers to provide original images. The use of stock images are relied on less and less nowadays to tell the story more effectively, improve user experience and stand out from competitors.

  1. Responsive website design

Redesigning website to fit the mobile screen are important, as these allow users to access the website on their mobile devices allowing information to be presented in different formats than on traditional computers. This includes placing scrolling pages where all information is presented on a single linear page, which is ideal for mobile phones since menus can be difficult to navigate on the smaller screens.

The key to redesigning your website is to meet the expectations of your target audience. A good design firm can help you make the informed decision of your website, blending the newest trends along with search engine and social media strategies to drive more traffic to your site, increasing your visibility and attracting new business in the process.

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