Essentiality of Technology in Education

Education is an essential tool to brighten the future of each and every individual. Education should not be categorized and must be delivered to all. It is also not limited to only books today, but anything which provides with knowledge and a deep understanding is Education. It enables people to achieve big in life. In India, individuals with higher education often tend to earn social and family respect and unique recognition. Good education provides a person with many options & purposes in his/her life, such as enhancement of the personal development, expansion in social health & status and economic progress among others. This, in turn, leads to the bright future of the country. The enlightenment of the knowledge gained, opens various doors of opportunities and makes an individual confident in his/her approach towards life. It is the educated leaders who build the country and take it to the height of triumph and advancement.


Modern Technological World

Education plays a role of prime importance in the modern technological world. Since, at present, there are various ways to enhance education level, the whole criteria of education have pretty much changed now. Earlier, education used to be very costly and not everyone could afford to take it up. But today, it is affordable and flexible, thanks to the increasing use of technology and tools into the education. Though the technologies are merely tools that can be used in various methods and thus has both benefits and drawbacks, it really matters how the tools are applied. Thus, while judging the value of technology into education, we need to look more closely in the way it is or can be used.

A good bet in Courses

The Bachelors in Computer Application or BCA Course is a 3-year integrated graduate degree course, which includes 18-20 subjects from the IT (Information Technology) Community. The students gain knowledge of Operating systems, Software, Logic, Maths, Programming languages, Coding, Database understanding and much more. These are the students who can develop new and unique tools and take the legacy and benefits of technology forward. It is a high time when students can invest their time, money and interests in courses of this sort. As per researches conducted, 90% of the Companies currently have an IT skills shortage, while 75% of the teaching force and students feel that there is a gap in their ability to meet the KSAs needed for the IT workforce. This is where technology plays an important role to keep all the stakeholders updated on the changing trends, needs, and requirements.


Trends and Future

At the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the trends all around the world, starting from online information to realistic AI (Artificial Intelligence) Robots, it is pretty much clear that technology will play a central role in nearly each and every aspect of our lives in the coming future. As per the World Economic Forum’s research, approximately 65% of the children entering primary school today, will find themselves serving in occupations that do not yet exist. Thus, keeping these probabilities in mind, students entering technology courses are currently the best bet. The top B.Tech colleges in Haryana, like National Institute of Technology, International Institute of Technology and Business, YMCA University of Science and Technology, etc. have thus started to gradually amalgamate technology into their education system, to make the students future ready. More the knowledge the students gain and are able to actually apply them in real life, more are the chances that they will secure good positions in the highly competitive market.


Technology and Teachers

The best part about enhancing education through technology is how educators can view human learning through the lens of the Distributed Cognition, also known as dCoG, to design digitally enhanced learning experiences that facilitate the interaction of Persons (students, mentors, pedagogues), Learning spaces and Tools (Activities, simulators, games, etc.). Having said all these, it is always important to recognize the role that a human teacher plays in the classroom.

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