Appealing to the emotions of the audience is not something which is new and certainly something which marketers and branding experts will have plenty of experience and specialist knowledge about. But because the online world is getting saturated with content, it is highly important to cater to the needs of users and make them instantly feel at home on your site.


With the help of SEO copywriters who are ready to tell the story of the brand and making sure everything is included and stunning images which will blow your mind away you might think you have got everything covered. But if you haven’t looked at your use of colors in a while, you might be missing a trick.

The fact is that color is the first thing people assimilate when they land on your website. It makes an important first impression before images, content, typefaces or other online content and without considering it will change the way they think and act. Humans are made to equate color with emotions, so whether your style is to energize, soothe or invigorate certain emotions. It is essential to choose your colors wisely.

Which colors should you use?

Your choice and combination of colors will depend on the website design, your corporate identity and especially your audience. What impression are you trying to portray? If you are trying to portray a feeling to security, intelligence and dependability, you would use different colors as if you would like to portray a feeling of passion, power, and excitement of living life on the edge.

Basic color meanings include:


Red is to show emotions such as Passionate love, danger, stop, good luck,  anger, strength, youth, fire, blood and magic. Red is also worn by brides in India and Nepal and in Japan, a red kimono symbolizes happiness and good luck, and red is such a popular color that it is included in 77% of all world flags. Being such a vibrant color you don’t need much of this color to create a web design with impact. It is a color often used to capture immediate attention and works well as an accent color.

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