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In the previous article we talked about the difference in colors and what it means in web design, we will look at the different colors in detail in this article.

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Although yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, warmth and enlightenment, it also has some negative connotations such as the color of cowardice, illness, and madness along with betrayal.

Yellow is also found to be the most visible color to the human eye, so it is great for use in areas that you want to draw attention to. It is also highly reflective so that it can irritate the eyes if used excessively.


Blue has been shown as the most popular color amongst people. It is found in nature in the color of water and sky and hence is used to show serenity, infinity, and calmness. It is also the color of intelligence, authority, and loyalty but can be depending on the shade of blue used be cold, sad and utilitarian.

Although blue is the most common color which is used in corporate identity design, there are plenty of contradictions when using the color in a global sense. For example, in Korea, dark blue is the color of mourning.

The design of website uses a color of blue in so much quantity that it can seem clichéd, but teamed with other colors, can work well across many spectrums and industries.

Colors and culture

It is seen that colors mean different things when considered in different cultures, so it would be important to take these differences into account, particularly if you know that a large proportion of your international visitors are located in a particular part of the world or from certain cultures.

Although there has been a reduction in the difference in color meanings among different cultures and countries due to the internet in the recent years, it would be wise to check that you haven’t made a cultural color blunder before you finalize your website palette.