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Modern website design is a moving target, as designers and marketers constantly push to find better ways to display information and attract attention and patronage of visitors. We have listed the various elements which have become indispensible part of modern websites. As a Website Designing Company in Mumbai, each one does its part to serve the current understanding of the best ways to give website users the best possible experience.

1.Minimalistic Design

Most of the users online have a short attention span when it comes to website and want to know if what they are looking for is on a site. Minimalistic design is a user-centric design philosophy to give them as much information in as little space as possible.

E-commerce website market demands effective use of white space, easily readable typography, selective use of design elements, and a preference for videos, web graphics, and animations instead of walls of text.

2.Plenty of Open Space

Effective use of white space is a critical element of modern website design. Space is an important tool in design because you can use it to control the flow of information to the viewer; by directing attention, making on-page elements stand out and keeping text readable. As a Website Designing Company in Navi Mumbai, keeping the spaces on a website open and free of clutter, whether it’s the page itself or just the navigation menu, also contributes to a smooth, clean user experience.

3.Big, Responsive Image

It’s becoming standard to use large, high resolution image, often placed in the background with a small amount of text or other content overlaid on top. It’s important to make sure the images are responsive, so that they’ll change in size depending on the user’s resolution and screen size. These will help in giving the same experience irrespective of the platform used to access the website.

4.Call to Action

Every page of a website has a purpose, which will lead users to perform some action such as making a purchase, signing up for a subscription or just continuing to explore the site. Make use of other design elements, like white space, color and contrast along with the content of the page to direct users toward the desired action.

5.Informational Footer

The footer is the perfect place to place company and personal information along with other information without breaking the flow of the rest of the page. It can include company information along with contact, small site map, links or other context-based information that will be useful to the audience. It is important to keep the footer simple and clean, with a look for meshes with the rest of the site but is focused on ease of use.

It should also be said that as most of these elements are constantly on the change when it comes to web design principles but use of these will keep your website contemporary, stylish and focused on serving its purpose and your audience.