Website designing company in Mumbai

Website Designing company in Mumbai

Creativity and design thinking is fast changing the outlook of brands and businesses in the Asia Pacific region, according to an APAC survey carried out in 2016. In India, the number of professional who agree with this is even higher than the average. The survey shows that Indian professionals have a higher desire to learn new things and work on design related challenges than their peers in the APAC region.

Within the survey it was also noted that creative professionals in India are driving a bigger impact in the organizations. The survey provides insight of the desire to learn and the pitfalls faced by region’s creative vanguard which includes graphic designers, UX/UI designers, web designers and other creative professionals.

The government has led from the forefront about the resurgence of design, innovation and creativity led entrepreneurship which has led to the importance on creative design among individuals.

The rise of design-led thinking and the incorporation of design approaches into business and strategic problem solving is having a positive impact on the careers of creative professionals in India and is furthering the progress of creative professionals in the country.

It has become a norm about using design as a tool has become a business mandate to reach out to customers; creative professionals are trying to automate the creative process with new skills, new tools and new digital technology. Professionals believe that proficiency in technology and access to tools, combined with intuitive creative excellence will be the deal breaker.

Top three driving forces behind changing role of creative professionals

A Majority of the workforce believe that new technologies change the way they work, and also a part of them believe that social media is a key driving force while some believe the use of new platforms for reaching their audience.

Main motivators at work

According to the survey, 83% believed that it was a desire to learn new things that kept them motivated, 61% said finding new solutions to design challenges is what drove them while 58% responded that it was seeing their ideals brought to life in the real world.