How To Create an Online Store?

In India itself, the ecommerce market is growing at a fast pace, having a net worth of over a billion rupees in 2016. Looking for a slice of the pie is enticing enough, it is really notable that this figure shows a rise of over 10% from the previous years.

Knowing how to create an online business is of highest importance for the further success of the business owner.

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Creating on Online Shop – the barriers to entry

It is likely that your thoughts about the barriers of an ecommerce portal are greater than the actual barrier itself. There is a wealth of tools available online, and web hosting is a cheap business outlay – your only real question should be: ‘how to create an online store?’

When you build a web store, you need to think about adding the shopping functionality to a great website. This means adding a way to browse products, shopping cart functionality and then a method of secure payment integration. Alongside this should be a website which markets your products, entices customers and creates sales whenever possible.

So when it comes to a website of an online store, what steps do you need to take?

Build an online shop – step by step

  1. Self-Hosting

As a newcomer to the online store world, it is enticing to piggyback on ecommerce portals such as Etsy and Ebay. However what you are doing is upping your competition, giving direct control of the website to another user, and not giving your portal a good platform for your business branding.

Hosting your own store is cheaper option available as you create an online website work, and it is entirely possible with the help of easy-to-use ecommerce platforms.

  1. Collate your Information

Before you get into the details about how to get the online store up and running, you need to deal with the details of the planning to be done. Otherwise you will get distracted and this will cost you more, even if you hire a web developer for the job.

In hand you need to have a name, logos, main products and ranges with prices, all ready to be included in the web store around it. You’ll need a domain name and a web host.

You will need your ecommerce platform or a payment gateway to enable your customers to pay online, as they expect with this form of retail.

  1. Build an Online Shop

Now it’s time to get building. Now with the domain name and web hosting selected, you can begin to create the website which goes around the web store. When considering the point on how to create an ecommerce portal, many people jump into the foray without doing the groundwork. To ensure you create an online shop that works for you and makes your business efficient, whilst honing branding and marketing, you need to get the above steps right first.

While it is easy to choose a template to help build the website, you may choose to build your own website from scratch. Your shopping facility can sit alongside it. If you opt to use a web developer they will be able to offer advice on the best route for your business.

  1. Install the shopping cart functionality

Different ecommerce platforms have different ecommerce configuration process. Even though this is possible, you can go ahead and choose a well-known one such as Shopify or Magento, you will be able to follow their intuitive set-up wizard.

You should now be able to set up and play around with the system and be able to customize your online store in line with your website and branding. You’ll have access to different features, templates, reports and more. You’ll also discover that there are different add-ons available if you have a particular needs.

  1. Build your catalogue

With the right framework in place you are now ready to truly create an online shop by filling in the detail.

If you have limited products to sell then it is fairly straightforward. If you have a range of products with a range of sizes and types, the process can get complicated and frequently changing range of products, then you may need to go back a step and choose an add-on that allows you to import new products from Excel or other database.

  1. Order fulfillment and shipping

With a products display in place you can consider the shipping and payment methods. This is where you customer will be redirected to your chosen payment gateway, for example PayPal.

  1. Get Confident with how to work make an online shop

You have now mastered how to make an online shop, but there are still further actions you can take to truly make a web store that works for you. For example, you need to add FAQs and discounts or more.

  1. Maintain your Site

A fundamental ongoing requirement of creating an online shop is maintenance You’ll need to run tests and continually make sure it’s not only up to date, but secure.