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Domain Name

When you are in the process of creating a website, there are multiple tasks which have been to be done together in tandem, such as creating a website, searching for a good hosting platform and registering for a domain name, we may not be able to look at all these three separate parts but we will look into the things to remember while registering a domain name. As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, we understand that registering for a domain name can be the easiest part of the whole process but it can turn to wrong such as giving acronyms which mean something really funny when you are not trying to look for that.

Hence, we will look into the steps to look into while registering for a domain name:-
Use your Business
• Consider the name of the your business as in the name of your shop when registering for a domain name, a local business can be used as the domain name, but if you do not have a shop or business and your website is your business then you should consider different names and should consider making your domain name easy to remember by including keywords because if your domain name does not include the brand you are trying to sell then it will take a lot of time establishing the brand. You should also consider extensions such as .florist or .plumber when developing your business domain name as these are easy to remember and can be connected to a brand.
Keeping your Domain name Short
• When selecting a domain name, it would be better to keep the brand name in the domain but keeping it short will help the user to easily remember your business website name and also link your business website to your domain name.
Make your Domain name uniquely yours
• Making domain name which is uniquely yours will keep a lot of visitors from visiting other website which remind them of your domain name, this can also stop from causing you legal woes and also increase traffic on your website by using keywords.
• If your website is currently in Chicago, then to add one of the new domain name such as .chicago will help the user localize the domain name and also connect it to a local business.
Buy Multiple Domain Names
• As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, we understand when registering for a domain look for one which does not have too many variations with other websites so as to be easily reroute traffic from other domain names and increase the typed in traffic on the website, also ensure that there is no porn websites which can be created using multiple domain names.
Reserve the Domain name
• Buying domain name is not expensive and require little to no work to be done to keep them active, so buy the domain name early otherwise there may be more problems in buy them later on.
Make the Domain name Professional
• If you have a domain name which spells out something totally inappropriate then the traffic on that domain will also be effected to a large extent, so create a domain name which has no double meaning or sound phonetic with any other word.
Back Order Inactive Domain Name
• When selecting a domain name if you find that your domain name has already been taken by another website then check if the domain will expire in the near future and if it will, then try buying the domain name when the website will expire its license.
These are the steps which need to be followed while registering a domain name.