How to Stop Security Violation From Effecting your Website

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Security violation basically means a hacker has placed some malicious code on your website to steal information from your users and break the security of the website. This can be the most dangerous thing a company with an online presence may face. If a malicious code has been placed on a webpage, dealing it can be done in two ways; firstly if you have a backup of the website then things can be easy otherwise if you do not have a backup of the website then things can be difficult. As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, malicious function of the website includes, redirecting links to phishing websites, pop up that allow spamming, stealing the user’s data.

How to handle Security Violation if you have Backup

  • If you have a genuine backup of the website which has been hacked then you can re-upload the websites along with the webpage which has been infected.
  • The problem with this method is that irrespective of whether the webpage has been penetrated, the vulnerabilities have not been resolved and if this is not fixed then this can be hacked again.

In order to stop the hacking take place again you will need to resolve some basic dependency issue such as:

  • Firstly, check the passwords of the CMS, the webpage admin or other database passwords as these might contain the problem.
  • Secondly, check and make sure that there are no other accounts which have been created in the CMS, the FTP account or any email addresses which have been created at the time of hack as this is a way a hacker can get back into the system whenever he wants.

How to handle Security Violation if you don’t have a Backup

If you do not have a backup of the website then there requires three steps in creating a website, which includes:

  • Create a back up of the existing website and take down the website. Then place an ad-hoc webpage in its place to inform the customers that the website is down. Once, this is done check all the passwords and accounts in the database and make sure that this is all in place. As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, the reason behind this is that the accounts could become vulnerable to hackers once the system has been hacked and this is especially problematic if you are an ecommerce company.
  • Once the accounts have been compromised, firstly, you check all the webpages for malicious code and this can be done through your staff or by hiring a technical expert and then removing the code and root all the basic accounts made on the server.
  • Another method is to download and use a site protection software which will remove all the malicious code and this will be done automatically without the help of an expert.

Avoiding Future Hacks

  • One way to make sure there are no future hacks on the website, it is seen that there is no security holes present then automated bots will have a tough time in penetrating the website security system.
  • The best way to do this is to install and update the default security software of the system including plugins, theme which may come along with the software.
  • Another method of improving security is to make sure that phishing emails have been deleted and not responded with any website information. This will stop the main threat on the system.