Businesses are not started and running to profit margins through the roof in a fortnight. Starting a business is not tough, but running it as you’re not alone and thinking that there are thousands of businesses in front or behind you at any time is important. Even if you decide not to be part of the race or are not willing to run the race, you will soon find yourself at the bottom of the pack quite soon. Learn by making mistakes and never repeat them again, as making mistakes is akin to being a human being, but so is never repeated it again.

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In this blog post, you’ll find the right mix in creating a perfect website and roadmaps that pinpoint the hazards.

Poor Readability and Legibility

There is no use in creating a website which has poor readability and users finds it difficult to comprehend it. Readability and legibility are the cornerstone of any website and if it is done right will drive a lot of eyeballs to the content. But for that, a reader should be able to grasp the content on the website. Any conventional method of font styles and size that hinder the readability of the site.

There are simple ways in order to improve the readability of the website. You can choose a simple font and font color combination which suits the website the best.

Improper Authentication and Authorization

Firstly, let’s get acquainted with these terms:

Authentication: This is the steps which are taken to verify if the user is real by asking security questions or captcha questions to verify authenticity.

Authorization: This is used by website to stop the user from posting junk content or spamming the website by providing levels of authorization to each user and having an all encompassing administrator to verify the levels of authorization.

Sometimes, websites save the user information on the page, therefore, it’s necessary to validate the process and can request for a change preventing any security breach. It is important to verify that the person making the changes is the same as the ones using the website currently. Any information stored on the browser can be tampered with any advanced user and use it in any way.

It is important that the user takes care of authentication by providing the correct credentials. It is also important to update the username and administrator without using anything else but built in browser tools. You need to verify each and every request for changing the details and implement proper authorization of the request.

Unorganized Content Layout

Content drives traffic to a website, but there is a difference between organized and unorganized content which can be used. Users only zero-in on the content and try to learn something from the website that is the only time they read the content. A well organized content will drive more traffic for highlighting things that interest them. Some website designers put blank text on the website, and put empty spaces for meta descriptions, title, heading etc.

Use an authentic title tag for each webpage so that users know where they are. Some designers even forget to name the web page. Also the content must coincide with the major theme of the website. Create enough white space between your text and images by using margins and maintain consistency throughout the site.

Missing SEO

Many web developers do not optimize their website for SEO practices, as they consider it a hard nut to crack in the sense of understanding the ins and outs of SEO. But SEO mastery requires significant time spent researching best practices and the ever-changing rules about how search engines index your site.

SEO is not just about posting content on websites, its meta description tags, the title tags, the heading tag etc. It is about eliminating redundancy, efficient load times, site architecture, back linking, removing duplicate content etc.

You should consider optimizing your website for SEO from the start or at the end of the project you may have to re-write the whole website to include SEO.

Poor Navigation

It is important to give users the freedom to move around the website as they wish. If they face any hindrances in movement on the site, they’d leave the moment after landing on it. Stop everything and re-verify that everything is moving around correctly and review the sites navigation and performance. Although there are different ways to solving these issues, you can include one-page layouts, parallelism, sliders, semi-flat design etc.

Bad Use of Color and Contrast

It is possible that the reason why your site is not getting the traffic, is because users are finding it tough to understand the content due to bad use of colors. As a designer, you should apply a perfect color combination with good contrast for the optimal match.

Heavy Images:

It is a known fact that the heavier the website the slower the load time of the website. Use image optimization tools or online resources for optimizing the image size, making your site lighter, faster and smoother.

Bad Links:

You do not want your user to be greeted by a “404-Page error”. You don’t even know that your site contains certain broken links, therefore, time checking the site is the key. Test your site often to ensure that all the plugins all the links are working fine. You can include a Contact Your Webmaster page in the footer, so that the users can inform you about any broken links included in the page and fix them immediately.

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