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When a company kicks off a website, they choose features which make it attractive, salient features along with ease of use. The need of the website is to create websites which make providing information to the visitors they are seeking. But all of this work is useless if the site is unreachable to the user.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the backbone of every organization from a very long time. It helps people find the website irrespective of its location and helps people search for information. With the right text on a page, it features prominently in search results, beating out competitors for customer attention. But good SEO starts with the layout of the website and grows from there. Whether your business is currently designing your website or not, it’s important to ensure it’s getting the best search results possible.

Web design Company in Mumbai

Here are a few things websites can do to make they are search engine ready.

Image SEO

The first step of SEO is to create alt-tagging of photos present on the website. This will help people in searching for the images when they use the search engine. This also provides extra content on images which can be accessed by visitors. But good images are useful if they aren’t big is size, because huge images slow down the speed of the website and negatively affects rankings, so it is important to scale down the images as possible. You should keep SEO is mind while naming your images, choosing keywords that match the terms your customers are likely to use when searching for the type of products or services you offer.

Remove Content Block

If you believe in the practice of blocking out a section of text for better access to website then it will wrongly affect the ranking of the website. This can include blocking out a block of text, making visitors fill out a form before accessing the content, or paying for the access of the content. If you block out sections of the website, then you should make sure that several sections of the websites should be open to the public and optimized.

Regularly update

Google’s goal is to remain useful to users who use their website on a daily basis. Therefore, their algorithm is geared towards websites which update their content and images on a daily basis rather than those websites which have remained stagnant for years and years. Set up a list of important web pages in your website which can be updated with news and images of the product and services. You should also assign someone to create new content which can be used to update the blog section of the website. This will bring yet another opportunity to incorporate keywords that speak to search algorithm.

Optimize your URLs

Another opportunity is to optimize the URLs of the website. Even if you already have a URL is place, you can choose to change it by choosing search-engine friendly names for the link. A url like www.mikes.com/salon-services will help people find salon services, for instance. You can also include geographic information into your URLs to help with location-based searches.

Make it Mobile

Google’s updates say that there are more searches performed on mobile devices than on desktops. Google therefore searches and penalizes websites which aren’t mobile-friendly. Good optimization means choosing a responsive design as a foundational step.  Though, you should ensure your site setup addresses the way customers are likely to look for your site, including ensuring your content answers questions asked through voice recognition.

Speed Up Your Site

If even the most beautiful site doesn’t load quickly, then the page load times will frustrate the customers who will move on to competitor sites to fulfill their needs. Customers require the website to load quickly in order to access the information they need in a timely manner. In addition to server-level issues, elements built into your page could be slowing things down, including plugins, JavaScript, and social sharing buttons.

Your website layout and design could make a huge difference in the user experience of your customers. It is important to include all these issues to ensure your page’s design isn’t hurting your company’s marketing efforts.

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