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Ditch the company handbook and try giving your company a wiki to host information on. Wiki is a platform where you can host a number of information which constitutes for collaborative editing by a group of users, just as is true of Wikipedia. A wiki ask for collaborative thinking, reducing the time required to train new employees on company policies, new employee guides and document templates which you may require.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Wikis allow you to assign rights to employees based on level of expertise so that they can update or edit pages and new content. You can organize different pages by categories and sub-categories. The trademark feature of a wiki is the quick transition to related pages by way of hyperlinked keywords.

There are many ways to implement wikis and we talk about two such methods of implementing wikis and their most common routes of setting one up. The first way is relatively cheaper and easier, where you need to run the wiki software on third party services and created with customizable interfaces. The second requires some advanced knowledge where code is involved in creating a local wiki.

Wiki-Hosting Services

If the technical know-how of hosting a wiki is a problem, then hosting it on a third-party server or a wiki-hosting service is likely the best route. Wiki-hosting services host the wiki on their servers and give you the rights to customize it. These services are free with a paid premium to unlock all the features. There are also a select few that run ads on your wiki page, but these are for public pages.

Self-hosting a wiki

An option which may prove to be cheaper than hosting a wiki on another server, is to build and host a wiki on your own server or online hosting service. This will take more technical know-how and coding knowledge, but it is still easy and manageable.

First, you need a place to host your wiki. You can use an on-site server or an online server space which can be rented by your company. There are certain companies such as A2 Hosting, HostGator and Bluehost that are optimized for running wiki software. If you wish to make your wiki available to the public, or your employees from anywhere then you will need a web domain.

This is important or users will be able to access the wiki from the local network or a VPN. Since wikis are a bunch of text pages, the space taken by them is less other than that if you want to host bigger file types on the host then it’ll be better to get more space.

Building your wiki

Many wiki hosting services, like Wikia and Wikidot, have their own interface code to add boxes, pages and links. These features are self-explanatory and come with extensive instructions and support.

Editing your wiki is a bit complicated and will require certain web coding skills in making changes. The common language for editing wikis and web design software is to use CSS. This controls the look and layout of your wiki. But, as you are lucky, you will be able to find many premade templates online. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it in the appropriate location in your software.

The other code you need to know is wiki markup, which controls the wiki formatting of your wiki’s content. Instead of a toolbar to update the heading type, font and size of your wiki, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with wiki markup language.