Breaking Common Myths about Web Development

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If you think it is easy being a web developer, that when you want you can choose the language of choice whether it is Web, API or App. And then you can continue to build to that by learning tricks and adding skills as you go on. But, it is not that straightforward.

The world of web development is prone to such irrational arguments and misconceptions about what you need to know and what you need to be to be considered a web developer.

Coding is a trade to learnt at really young age

This is a popular misconception, it is important to start at a very young age but that’s not the general case, with many developers in the fourties and fifites.

The young entrepreneur were a marginalized group until 2005, in the nineties the case was even worse, where young innovators were considered to be immature, irresponsible and not worthy of a cent in investment. Now, the case is different, you are considered old if you begin after the age of 18.

You need to be considered a genius to work in this field

This is another misconception; we all have worked with multiple groups of individuals and in various companies, and have not found one person who fit this stereotype. Being a genius and be a coder is an anomaly if any.

To be politically correct, most programmers are normal people who are passionate about computers; problem solving and their passion fueled them to get better with time.

This is mostly due to people who are not developers, when someone creates a breakthrough, we simply consider it to be greater than life and place this tag on them.

Women don’t know how to program

There is no foundation to this myth, the reality is about the foundational role played by women in the tech industry. There are many women such as Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace and Jean Sammet who break this stereotype and stigma and move forward the cause of women in development.

It is seen today that the tech industry is heavily biased towards men, the statistics stretch beyond the workplace back to university days when women are only 20% of the workforce.

If you create a website, you are a developer

If you develop a website, that’s all you did, you are a not a developer yet. You require making inroads and building multiple websites, have a wide range of skills and work at updating and refreshing said skills regularly.

If you create a website, you are on the road of becoming a web developers, all you need to do is to hone your skills, by studying key books, reading key blogs and attend conference. Web development is a tough discipline, but the challenges it poses are surmountable if you have the passion and the continued knowledge.

Once you create the website, your work is done

In many ways, a site is like a human being, it is a living, breathing organism that needs constant care to stay alive and functional.

Web developers are hired on a regular basis by many companies to maintain and operate the site so that it runs seamlessly without glitches.

Even if your site has low traffic, it still needs someone to keep an eye on its functionality. That is a web developer for you.