Web Design Company in Mumbai

Summer is the best time for a student to learn and explore new technologies. With smartphones in every urban hand, it is best to say that websites are the new libraries. From social media, to ecommerce, to educational and informational websites, we come across so many websites every day.

Do you know who writes every page of these websites? Yes, web developers. A website is essentially built by web developers who write the source code to build a website.

Web Development Company in Mumbai

What is web development?

Web development is the profession which is related to building, maintaining and hosting various websites on intranet and internet. It includes aspects of web design, web publishing, web programming and database management.

Job role of web developers

Work of front-end developers: When you land on a website, whatever you see in front of you is the work of front-end developer. Developing the user side of the website is their main concern. They make a website to look good and make sense to users. They make use of languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery to turn a static website design into a workable website on the web.

Work of back-end developers:  connecting the server to the database and the server to the website is the work of back-end developers. Back-end developers are more interested in the security and server speed and less on the looks and feel of the website. They make sure every wheel is working right behind the back-end of the website. They use languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and other server side languages.

How to Start your journey as a web developer:

  1. Build your own Website: Sit down and think about some ideas which may be related to the web, and start creating an amazing website around these ideas. For example, if you want to create some Food review website, start working around that idea and create a website.
  2. Do an Internship: You would get a chance to work on a website which would be used by 1000’s of people and not only that make contacts which could help you and also practical lessons you would gain.
  3. Practice: The best way to master web development is to practice. You can use various platforms such as HackerEarth, Hacker Noon and CodeChef and take part in their coding contests and sharpen your programming skills.
  4. Participate in a Hackathon: There are many reasons why a hackathon are a must for a programmer. Hackathons are a great place to try your hands on new projects and compete with other web developers.
  5. Do freelance projects: Once you gain some confidence, start working on some freelance projects. Freelance, Upwork and Project4Hire have some amazing projects that you can work on.
  6. Contribute to an open source project: Open source projects are works which are available for anyone on the internet to use and copy. Open source work is most likely used for programmers to share their opinion through original code implementation and share the changes in the community. You can try some of these open source projects.
  7. Put your code on GitHub: GitHub is an essential platform for every web developer which allows them to save code online and lets other see what changes you have made. You can also discuss the issues with your code with other developers.
  8. Stay updated: Keep yourself updated about the new features in web development through tutorial, trends and methods by following blogs like Tuts+.