How Does Back-End Development Work

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In software Applications, it is seen that there is a portion of the program which is in the front end, while most of the application is present in the back-end, creating an iceberg effect. This is known as Back-End Development.

The part of the application which relates to direct interaction with the end user, which we might call as “front-end development” and the code which is written to work to implement the design is known as “back-end development”.

It is seen that the user interface code is far less than the non-user interface code. Complex systems have all kind of logic that happen in the background that makes them work.

Data needs to be stored and retrieved, business logic and application needs to be followed and results need to be calculated. All this needs to be calculated and happens behind the scenes.

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What Exactly is Back-End Development?

For the basis of this article, we will consider back-end development as anything that doesn’t involve creating the user interface. This could involve any back-end web development, writing libraries, might involve writing APIs, or working with components of systems that don’t have user interfaces or even systems of scientific programming.

While it is seen that most front-end web development code receives most of the acknowledgment, but most of the useful code is written in back-end code that is never seen by the end user.

What Do Back-End Developers Do?

The role back end developers can play depends on the scope and size of the application which is being developed on. Many people have played roles where they stored and retrieved data and wrote business logic in an application from the front-end.

In the web development world, back-end developers pride themselves at creating the logic behind the application they are working on.

Often, front-end developer develops the front end or the user interface while back-end developers create the code which will make everything work behind the scenes.

For example, a front-end developer will create a screen of the application and the back-end developer will work on the button on the screen and the whole screen to retrieve the data when pressed.

A back-end developer will work on what data needs to retrieve by figuring out what data to fetch from the database for the appropriate customer and delivering it back to the front-end where it is eventually displayed.

A back-end developer might also be heavily involved in the architecture of a system, deciding how to organize the logic of the system so that it can be maintained and run properly.

He might be working on the architecture of the system or framework code which will make it easier to program against. Back-end developers tend to spend much more time implementing algorithms and solving problems than front-end developers do.

That doesn’t mean that front end developers do not write important code, they are more bent on creating the interface of the system and hooking it up to code so that the program works and not working on the business logic of the program.

Primary Technologies and Skills in Back-End Development

While front-end developers need to know certain tools and techniques to create a user interface, the tools which are used by back-end developers are completely different as to do their jobs effectively.

Most back-end developers need to learn some form of SQL code to maintain and retrieve data from the databases. Most back-end applications need some kind of database that stores the data for the application.

It is usually the work of the back-end developer to write code which can store, retrieve and process data from the database which would require having skills like SQL. Back-end developers also need to be good with server-side languages for the technology stack they are using.

While a front-end developer needs to work on websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript, the back-end developer needs to know server-side scripting languages such as PHP web frameworks, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net MVC to build the application.

A back-end developer needs to know more about application architecture as, it is the back-end developer who is going to be building out the architecture and internal design of the application.

A good back-end developer needs to know how to write algorithms and frameworks and libraries, how to integrate them into an application, and how to structure the code and business logic in a way that makes the system easier to maintain.