Web Design Company in Mumbai

Web Design Company in Mumbai

In the past websites used to consider only text on a white background, with no pictures and no font variations. Then came the decade of standard wired connections, the result was more generous and enabling coding systems like HTML and PHP. Sparkling web layouts with thousands of animated design elements were the in-thing those days. Today, a website is a combination of audio-visual content and imagery designed to convey a complete experience rather than just information.

Today website surfing is more than just work, it is an experience, a pastime and an activity of fondness, millions of dollars are spent each year in this industry, dedicated to creating the best web design that sends the competitors on a downward spiral. As a Web Design Company in Mumbai, we have got trained professionals who specialize in the art of coding and web design who dedicated their time and effort to creating wonderful websites designed for the end users.

The costs of a new website design is too expensive, for the urban domestic consumer, and web design firms are constantly in effort of creating budget-friendly alternative to expensive web development. But, web design done by amateur webmasters is not up to mark and is not what it was made up to be. This is the exact reason big companies hire efficient web developers for thousands of dollars instead of looking for a cheaper alternative.

Grid and Wix have come up with a cheaper alternative, by integrated artificial intelligence and web design algorithm to create seamless websites in a matter of minutes by using codes which are inbuilt, which is an alternative without ever needing to get your hands dirty.

As a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, the AI assistant asks you a series of questions that help it determine the nature of your business and the type of website you are trying to create, based on hundreds of hours of programmed algorithms, it helps determine correct combinations of branding, layout, design and content that will help your site shine. This saves you hundred of hours of labor while you do not need to painstakingly design each and every element, or even put them together in an organized manner.

It may be not yet be perfected for creating a excellent user experience, but it is better than what you can do with a constrained budget and provides an alternative to manually coded web designing.

Grid was the first startup which announced that they had perfected the art of website designing and development, but the review was mixed, the end website was not up to the expectation, but it can be said that it was done without the help of any developer or computer operator so the credit goes to the artificial intelligence which created the software.

The AI limits the website’s customizability to a few choices of layout and color only, asking the user to accept the fact that the algorithm knows best. Grid offers a minimalistic front-end content development platform, something that can be either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your platform.

Wix, the Tel-Aviv based website builder that offers hosting, domain name and web designing features to its customers, has decided to stay in par with the competition with its own artificial intelligence technology. The AI assistant asks for the type of your business and its name, after which it does all the job setting up your dream website, adding a set of bonus contents and getting it all up and running in a matter of minutes.

As a Web Design Company in India, enter the name of the business and the Wix ADI does all the work of searching the web about any pertinent information about the business and generating a website that suits its need. If the end product is not up to your expectation then you can tweak and coding till you get the website to look just the way you like it. If the business is new the program has a little problem in generating the desired website, this proves that the website is still a little rough around the edges.

Most webmasters and developers have voiced their opinion saying that the AI software could not create as a meticulous result as a hand drawn one, which would make your website appear to be mechanical and procedurally generated, lacking fuildity and grace that a human developer brings into the project. With the advent of this software you can see that many web developer jobs would be in danger and it is to be seen what impact it has on the industry.