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Web development is an ever changing playing ground for the intelligent, and there is always a need to become better and better at web development and create new designs. There are many tools and tips available on the internet and you can use these tools to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your websites.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Here are some of the best tools of the year 2017.


If you are a front-end developer then you are constantly working in collaboration with the back-end developers.  One of the thorns of such an interaction is making the content shareable to every developer so that it gets posted on the website. Avacado makes this task much easier. Now you can also take content from Photoshop without affecting the layers and share it with the back end developers.

The content is present all in one central location and can be accessed like a CMS, so Avacado is a great tool for collaborative website design projects.

Browser Calories

You as a web developer are always ready to up the ante and make the website better than your competitor. It can be easy to get carried away and add to much content to the web page making it too bulky and make it load slower. You don’t want your webpage to load slower as this will make your visitors to go to a competitor website.

This is where Browser Calories come in handy. It calculates using a toolbar the loading speed of the website as compared to other websites in the same category. You will know if you need to taper back or add more content to your page to make it stand out.

Affinity Photo

Photoshop has been the golden standard for photo editing for 30 years, but it is slowly losing its luster to better alternatives such as Affinity. There are plenty of reasons to choose Affinity. For example, you can zoom in to a million times, which is 30 times more than Photoshop and the result is seamless and much faster.


You need data for many of your prototyping applications. But structuring and coming up with data can be a major pain. Dummi is one of the best apps for generating data and saving it in a JSON file.


If you are a member of a large development team, it is important that you follow certain style guides. Frontify is an application which creates style guides and branding for your projects. You won’t have to worry about consistency as long as everyone follows the same style guide and is held accountable for following it.

Sketch Focus

If you need a tool to boost productivity, Sketch Focus has got you covered! The developers have developed a task management tool for web developers. It lets you create task lists and provides push notifications when you have a task coming up. The interface is very simple and you can add and edit tasks as needed.


Mural is another great tool for collaborative web development. The unique thing about this app is that it was built specifically for web developers working remotely. You can use a real-time chat form, virtual Post-it notes and flexible canvases form collaboration between members of the development team.


PowerMockup isn’t necessarily a design tool, but it is very popular among web developers. It is a plug in for PowerPoint and helps sharing information.

The reason it’s popular among web developers is that it is a great tool for showing off your best designs for your less tech-savvy clients.


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