8 Reasons Why Using Design Templates are Wrong

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In this current market, building a website using a pre-made template is the fad, the reaseon many companies do for saving on time and budget allocation. This is mostly because they’re so affordable and simple to set up. Many businesses follow this trend because they are affordable and simple to set up.

The popularity of such templates are widespread, if you see most of the top template websites and you’ll get the idea about their reach. HubSpot offers over 1,400 website and email templates.

But such design templates have their limitations which we are listing below:

There is no Flexibility in design or customization

If you need flexible design then templates are not the way to go. Sure you can add content and images, but that’s not a customization, so if you’re looking for a customizable design with unique layouts and structure stay clear of templates.

Hidden Issues under the Surface

It is seen among most templates, that everything looks sleek and well crafted on the surface but when you delve into design and code, you can see some real issues. Most of the templates also allow adding features and value to sites by applying add-ons on a separate price. But there is no need to end up paying for solutions when they are available for free online.

They’re cheap

This is a selling point for most companies. But it needs to be considered that most of these templates are cheap and look cheap. Since the websites are the first impression of a website, it can warrant some criticism and bad reviews from the online community if the design is fixed and not upgradable.

Easily Recognizable

Since most of the template makers use advertisements to target their customer base on the selling points of their templates and also design. This is why generic titles and badly designed navigation, require little time from customer to recognize the template and this can seriously affect the image of the company as not serious to do business.

Often Non-Responsive

This is most often the case among website templates, and when such templates are used to create non-responsive websites, it comparable to committing a crime. Mobile web usage is growing and today it surpasses desktop usage, using a template, brands risk losing with their competition on the mobile scene.

They’re not Unique

Most template designers are used to categorizing their template based on the categories. The idea is good, but the execution is often lacking. Every industry is characterized by variety. Choosing a popular template, you’ll find there are more than a hundred websites which look similar.

They Resist Change

Website technologies are constantly changing, and so is the need to update the website to keep up with the requirements and stay competitive. But, building a website based on others design is a sure fire way of not able to making any changes. You need to start rebuilding your website from scratch, and the business might lose to their competitors.

SEO might become a problem

Most templates are built with SEO in mind, but that’s not the generic case. In fact, you do not have any guarantee whatsoever that the template you’re building on will positively impact the website’s search rank. Many designers never think about SEO when putting together pre-made templates. But even if that’s the case, there are some things you can do to boost your SEO. Make sure to personalize your titles, create a custom logo, work on meta titles and short meta descriptions, label your photos and write content that is relevant to your keywords.