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Every year someone comes out with a new article about design trends. They talk about colors and layout and how that ties to the newest trends. We are writing about five design trends which will never go out of fashion. So instead of redesigning your website year after year think about these trends and what they will mean in the long run.

Web Design Company in Mumbai


We know that you have a lot of information to share with the audience, but sharing all this information at once is not the answer. Look at the Amazon website, there is so much information which is present on the website that it may seem overwhelming to the user. Instead look at the Google website, it is so crisp and clean of information, the users know that they are there for only one thing that is to search for information.

When redesigning your website, think about the simplest action and thing why the users are at your website and break it down from there. Think about it as taking the hand of the visitor and leading him to the location which is looking for. Have a simple call to action and keep the path as clear as possible.


Simplicity and intuitiveness go hand in hand. It means taking the hand of the visitor and understanding what the user may be looking forward to doing. If the visitor does not know that a cartoon pig means billing it will be hard to follow. If your typical website user isn’t web-savvy then your web design should show and reflect that.

The best example of intuitiveness is the iPhone app, it may seem like that is not the case, but the iPhone and iPhone app button did not look like that. The web designer looked at the way people would interact with phone photo and it was designed accordingly. To this day, iPhone is the best at deciding and implementing how a user would react with the phone.

When designing your website you should take the same approach. You need to check who will be using your website? How they will be using the website? What is the easiest path of conversion? Once these questions are addressed, your site will be much more intuitive to the user.

Readable Text

The visitors skim through the text on the website. They don’t even read through to the bottom of the site. To prevent this from happening write interesting text. You may feel like putting industry jargon may be the way but how will the visitors understand what you do for them and what you can do for them. Truthfully, writing interesting text is all about what the visitors want to find out about you.

The best way to design your content is to break the long pages of text into smaller chunks which are easily digestible and easy to read. Using bullet points is also good. Just remember you are not writing your dissertation, you are writing website content.


This is the most overlooked part of a website design. Having whitespace doesn’t mean having white around a picture. It means letting icons and pictures having breathing space. Doing this will not increase the visual appeal of the website but will also help visitors to check out each element visually and individually as opposed to a bunch of visual noise.

The best example of this is the Amazon and Google websites. Which websites make it less anxious to have around? Shoehorning as much information on the homepage and above the fold is not a wise approach. Use whitespace to make the visitor see one element at a time and interact with the element first. The quote which was told by Steve Krug comes in handy, “Get rid of half of the text first, and then the rest of the text next.” This will relate to whitespace too.

Good Photography

Photography can make or ruin your webpage. Your iPhone may have a great camera but the main point of good photography is lighting. For making a photo great is to use contrast of lights and darks that make a photograph pop. What’s more investing in a professional photograph shows the visitors that you have invested in the business.

Also, it is seen that investing in a good photograph saves a bad website. We are visual people and hence respond emotionally to visual cues. Look at the major brands photography of their rooms. The subject of these photos is two queen beds and a night stand but they make it seem warm and inviting. Investing in a good photography service, is just that, an investment and it’s worth it.

No matter how many trends will come and go, these trends are the backbone of every good website design. They are the secret formula to a successful product or website.


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