Web Design Company in Mumbai

Every website and business owner who has been in the industry would know that having a website isn’t enough or having a product or service isn’t enough to pull traffic to your website. Search engine optimization or SEO is required to be attended by and focused by the business owners in order to reach a larger customer base. This basically means achieving more brand awareness using effective strategies to make website more visible to the consumers by achieving high ranking for keywords on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

Getting more views for your personal blog, reaching out to a more varied customer base for the organization purpose and drawing more customers to your online shop is an achievable goal if you have the right tools and the correct knowledge to begin with. It may take a lot of effort but the results which are achievable are worth every bit of penny of your investments.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

  1. Start with navigation tools

It is not a secret that having a well designed website with easy to use navigational tool will help increase the visitors time on site. If you can’t fix everything on one page then you can have a search option available for them to use. Using short and taut titles is an added feature of having a SEO friendly website design.

  1. Go Mobile

In the year 2016, it was recorded that half of the websites which were loaded were done so on mobile and tablets instead of desktop and laptops. This has made the visitors to create for website owners to optimize their website for increased awareness and gain the competitive edge over the competitors. Google also plans to launch new mobile-first algorithm, which will make having a mobile optimized website more of a need than a option if you want to attract more web traffic.

  1. Aim for Speed

It is needless to say that a website which is slow and takes a long time to load will have more chances of a visitor giving up and going somewhere else. Having a website which loads correctly on a good server is a start, but getting away with flash elements and needless images will be a good start to optimize your website without having unnecessary costs.

  1. Optimize images too

Before, web designers were focusing all their energies on optimizing text that they forgot to optimize images too. It may be unfamiliar to you but having an image which is less than 100 Kb in size and at least than 72 dpi will ensure faster loading time without having to sacrifice a good image quality. Also don’t forget to add alt tags to images and have keywords added in these tags and place in the respective pages where they are supposed to be.

  1. Connect with social media

Adding links to social media accounts of your blog, organization, institute, and company can help you connect with a more varied and bigger audience help provide better customer support, and enhance online presence. Make these links easier to find on the homepage, along with your contact information and a contact form.