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Web development trends are in constant evolution. Thanks to advances in technology and internet capabilities, these trends continue to move and prod and help create new discovery in web development. But it is not only advances in technology which causes techniques to evolve. The mentality of humanity plays a crucial role in development as well.

Many companies have embraced the new web development techniques for the greater good of humanity as well  create a profitable experience for all. With the competition in the web development market it is safe to say that some companies are optimizing for new web development trends to make their website more appealing to the consumers whether it is on the tablet or desktop.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Below are five important trends in web development everyone should be aware of in 2017:

Minimalistic Design

Many website owners are considering minimalist design for their website; this includes creating websites based on the user input. Designers remove elements which are not required to streamline the website as a whole.

This works in two fold for the user; it gives them a great user experience as well as reducing the load time for the website.

Removing some of the features of the website will not only reduce the resources required to load faster on tablets and mobile devices, as these lack the resolution necessary to see the site as it appears for computers, hence is more appealing for Android users to have a minimalist design.

The effective minimalist design has on the visual appeal which gets reduced, the effect it has on the internet is tenfold. Most companies are embracing this minimalist design as it increases the traffic, visitor on the website as well as improved retention rate.

Design for Experience

Most websites are embracing to build websites which give the visitors more experience to remember. Instead of the basic framework, with the common theme, there are more elements that are interactive and engaging. This includes things like links that are easy to identify from both computer and mobile devices.

Parallax design is an image creation where the background is moving at a different speed than the forward image while creating an amazing user experience. More and more companies are using this, especially on landing pages.

Cinemagraph’s are photos which have a moving component. This is being used by website owners are they are less memory intensive like video and have more versatility. For mobile users, this can be good for both performance of the site and the individual’s data plan.

Storytelling is becoming another popular trend by developers. Whether it’s a tale centered on the development of new technology or a graphic novel accentuating the company’s story, it has become a trend now in websites.

User Interface Improvements to Engage the Audience

The evolution of the internet and web development has lead to new user interfaces being introduced by companies. Instead of basic links in a navigation bar, more people are creating a user interface that is more interactive. The experience seems more like controlling an app than an actual website.

More people are using tablets and mobile devices to access the website, making it necessary for website owners to optimize for it. So having button and input text boxes which are more likely to have bigger size so that it can be clicked and more optimized is of greater importance.

Responsive design is not only of having a pretty picture looking good for mobile devices or a website which looks pretty on the mobile device, it also includes providing functionality which works on any devices.

Scrolling through Long Website

In the early decade, there were many web developers who were saying that scrolling websites needed to be avoided. This practice is quite common thanks to social media and flat website design. Even those who use heat mapping on their websites notice an improvement of the number of people who view the bottom of the page.

The reason why long-scrolling websites have become more popular has become of social media websites and mobile devices. While, it is important that users be able to scroll through the website and look for the information they are looking for rather than to try and navigate on a smartphone. It is easier to simply use a thumb to scroll through content than try and click various buttons for more information.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is the technique in which the website will load only when the information  required, and absolutely necessary. This increases the efficiency as well as the speed of a site. This platform will work on any type of platform whether a user is on a shared server or using a reseller hosting account.

In traditional website it is seen that information and content gets loaded on the website at one time, which increases the load time and reduces user experience. Lazy loading is the solution to that while giving the site a superior experience when it comes to loading time.

This form of development is great for older devices such as PC and mobile devices which do not have to load all the information at once. A slower Android or PC can have an excellent browsing experience because the resources are not loaded simultaneously.