Web Design Company in India

Web Designing Company in India

In this time of fast-changing field of Web Design, one can understand that resumes are not the first thing companies are looking at. Most companies are looking at Social Media Platform to gain information about the applicant and online portfolios are important source of knowhow, if the applicant has the adequate knowledge and skills.

Here are few ways creative professionals can make a good online portfolio:

Even in Portfolio, put your best foot forward

As a Web Design Company in India, in creating the best portfolio, it is best not to add all the work you may have done until now, it would be best of you, if you choose work which is relevant to the job position and company you are looking to hired for. This is mostly because good portfolio requires you to choose the best among the work you have done. If you do not have many of work examples for show, then it would be the best to choose one or two you are most proud of. Try to diversify the samples, and do not choose the same kind of work as that may look like you’re stuck or unmotivated.

Keep the website design simple

The key to this is to keep your website look simple and clean, as complex websites with over the top and elaborate web designing. Clarity and simplicity is things people as web designers should work towards.

As a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, make your website and your work as the center point of the site and make it easily accessible. Make your work as simple as possible with a main page, a contact page and an about page and that should work.

Provide brief explanations

Do not go on and on with explanations for your webpages as people do not have the time or patience for it. Keep the explanation as simple and brief as possible. Explain what you were hired for, how you came up with the origin idea and how you delivered it. Go deep into the explanation if there were some uncommon program you had to use to solve the problem or research from unlikely sources.

Keep it updated

As a Web Design Company in Mumbai, there is no point to create a portfolio page and forget about it, a portfolio page should be one which should be updated on a regular basis and should showcase all your recent work. Your style may evolve with work as you keep moving on and your work should get better. You may have picked up newer skills and have projects that can be used as an example of this. If your portfolio has not been updated in some time, then you give a vibe which should lethargy, not interested and, inactive and uncommitted.

Done the right way a portfolio can bring about a huge boost to your career. It helps you stand out from the crowd of candidates with traditional resumes and LinkedIn profiles. So display the right projects, make the website simple to navigate through and keep your work updated to land your next big job.