Web technology is always changing. Whether you are a programmer, a designer, a product owner, e-commerce Company or small business owners; here are certain web technologies trends to watch in the coming years to make sure you are ahead of these technologies.

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Content Management System

Content Management System or ‘CMS’ have been around for a while, whether it is Drupal, Jhoomla or WordPress. What these systems do is create an easy to use  website for the users which is easy to maintain even for non-IT professionals. From Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, to small businesses; Content Management System makes it easy for people to update, upload, edit and delete images and content along with videos on the website. These technologies are even more important in the current market as it allows the layman to easily update and manage the website along with increased customization. As a local agency in Web design company in Mumbai, we can create an easy to use and customizable solution to your website creation need to suit your unique and individualized needs.

Mobile Domination

Before the majority of users moved to mobile phones, we used to live in a world where customizable and mobile optimized site was an optional part of your website. Today, mobile first web design is a must. That means is that you need to make your website responsive for mobile and tablet along with desktops. Designers understand that a majority of users will be interacting with the website using their mobile devices. A mobile first web design ensures that they use the capabilities of the mobile device to ensure a seamless and beautiful experience for the users on their device. Mobile first and complete mobile domination are some of the biggest must web technologies to watch.

Intuitive Design

The bar for mobile web design is high. Since Google’s introduction of Material design, it has been seen that the design community is upping its game. Google Material Design emphasizes using bold and specific color choices. It emphasis on designers to think in a three-dimensional method of designing, and use of lighting and motion to mimic real life events. You will definitely hear the words Intuitive Design and Google Material as buzzwords in meetings and in blogs. This is why intuitive design is one of the biggest web technologies to watch in the coming months or years.

Building mobile-first websites and mobile sites which look great is the biggest technology of the coming years. So is Google’s Material Design, and creating engaging and natural user experiences. Content Management Systems are also becoming really standard in today’s web world so it is important to understand them. Remember, whether you are a web designer, a developer, a project manager or any job really, the success of your company depends on the website which you create so it is important to follow the latest trends.