Web Design Company in Mumbai

You have started your business with a thought frame behind it and developed a website and now you’re waiting for it to hit big time. But are you seeing the results or has business been slower than expected? Well if it is the latter then you must have missed something in the advertising and marketing of your business in the digital spectrum.

It is easy to get caught up in the bigger picture in trying to understand what kind of product you want to sell, how do you want to brand the product and which audience you want to target. But sometimes you get caught up with the big picture that you glance over minor details that could actually be extremely vital to your business success.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

For you to stay focused on running your website and your business, we are going to list three common mistakes small businesses fall accustom to and show you how to  optimize your online strategy:

  1. Be Responsive

Having a website which sells your products online isn’t enough, running the business depends on this. But you want to know more than survive, you want to thrive? Well then you need to develop a website which is responsive in all manners and forms, i.e. they should be viewable through the tablet, phone and computer all in the same fashion and make it more enjoyable.

Let’ see, 94% of users said that unattractive web design was the reason why they rejected visiting a site altogether and 48% said that it was the reason for evaluating the website and company. Additionally, 40% of users will abandon a website if it takes too much time to load and 38% of users will abandon if it has an unattractive layout. So if you are looking to bring your business to the top then you’ll have to follow the steps of some of the best website designs and develop a responsive website in order to provide a seamless UX.

  1. Easy to Read and Click Contact Information

The main reason why businesses create website is to spread their reach and improve clientele. Therefore make it easier for visitors to contact you, you do not need to look through 6 tabs of your website to look for your phone number. Your business contact information such as address, contact number and working hours should be provided in a streamlined manner that’s easy to find.

  1. Readily Available CTA

Why are you developing a website to run your small business? Do you want your clientele to book an appointment, subscribe to a newsletter and request a quote? Then lead them to this desired action. Depending on what your call of action is, there should be appropriate call to actions throughout the website. some websites and companies go on and on about who they are, what they stand for and how they are the best in the industry but leave the users need in the shadows.

Keep these three points in mind when developing your website to ensure that you don’t miss the mark in terms of marketing to your target audience online. Consumers have high expectations when visiting a website so deliver a seamless UX, suitable call to actions and accessible contact information on the website. Providing these features will lead to increased conversions and overall better brand loyalty.