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When we concentrate on web design, we look at the design elements and branding best practices. While these two parts of web design is important to the look and feel of the website, it is important to take a high level, strategic look at the web design to understand the approach to be taken. In this blog, we will look at focusing on general website design concepts that are relevant to all successful web designs.

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Focus on Potential Clients but Don’t forget your current clients

When creating a client friendly website design, it is important to keep in mind the existing clientele while trying to mine on the potential client list. As a Web Design Company in Mumbai, maintaining certain brand recognition, which could include the logo of the website, the color and feel of the webpage or logo or the tone of the copy, is good in order to bridge the gap between the old web design and the new. It’s also a good idea to have an open mind about what a new look can do to reach a desired target market and to gain new leads.

Plan for the Future

To have an open mind towards the design of the B2B website means that you are open to new techniques and new design styles and interactive features for your new website. It should help build up your company and sustain the online presence for 3+ years. This would also include you to think outside the box and incorporate new visions and ideas regarding how you think a website should look and function.

Do some online research of other website which have been redesigned and incorporate the ideas of such websites, even if they are not necessarily from your market and the current industry you are in. As a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, you will find that design style and functionality are constantly changing, but your web designer or web design agency should recommend styles and features that come together in a way that it will work for your target audience and incorporate the ideas and visions of your industry and have longevity.

Make a clear Path for the User

In order that the website should lead, a B2B website needs to be easy to understand and navigate. Regardless of the way a website looks and feels to you, it provides the right answers to questions asked by the user and leads them to exactly what they are looking for. Look at, it has a simple, no-nonsense and design methodology which has lead it to lead the market.

A clear user path contains the following:

  • Clear Unique Value Proposition: A simple idea which needs to be conveyed to your users when they visit the website front and center is what the website trying to achieve and how it is fulfilling the need of the user.
  • Navigation: Easy to use and find navigation so that users can find out what the website is working towards and what it offers.
  • Call to Action: Easy to find contact information or form fields to allow the user to convert the user to your company and potentially become a lead.

As a Web Design Company in Vashi, having all these three design techniques will help the user to easily comprehend the website and use the mechanism of the website. If any one of the three points which are listed above are missing or difficult to access, having a fancy design won’t help a user lost among the pages of your website.


A successful B2B website, would have great looks and be highly functional. It is easy to get caught up in finding the right imagery and filling out copy of content for the website, but a strategic approach to web design is also essential.