3 Reasons Why Responsive Mobile Websites are a Must

Having a user friendly mobile site is extremely important for consumers. Research goes to show that 57% of mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30% of users will abandon a purchase if the site isn’t optimized for a mobile device. Most users use mobile devices to perform functions on the internet which could be performed by a desktop, from checking their social media profiles to researching and buying things online. Due to the increased engagement on mobile devices it is highly important to have a mobile-friendly website at least. Below are 3 reasons why mobile web design is a must in 2017:

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  • Mobile usage is on the rise. Roughly half of the mobile phone users use their smart phones to access the internet at least once a month. As such the usage of mobile devices continues to grow and many customers will view a website via their mobile devices. Furthermore, along with increased mobile device usage, consumers are doing much more shopping online. Many users find using their smart phones much more convenient than driving to the store and buying what they like, and 80% of consumers regularly use their smart phones to shop online. This means that an easy to use mobile website will bring in more traffic to the site and keep bringing them back.
  • Better Search Engine Ranking. Google is the most popular search engine and this engine actually prefers websites which are more accessible through a mobile device. Responsive websites perform better in search engine rankings because they provide for a better user experience. Google prefers such website because they use a single URL instead of multiple URLs for different devices and screens. Additionally, mobile phones have a separate Google search algorithm, so just because your website ranks high on a desktop version of Google, it may not rank high for the mobile version of it. This can be critical to your site as such as you should consider the fact that mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches on search engines as of 2016.
  • Better Brand Engagement. A company which has a user friendly mobile website are much more likely to have return customers most likely, on their mobile or desktop website. The majority of the customers claim that they move between devices to accomplish a task. Therefore a website which is optimized for functionality and is mobile friendly is more likely to generate trust and brand loyalty. If a mobile website is harder to use then they are more likely to go to other sites that are easier to use.

A user friendly website will likely lead to happier customers who will continue to use your site. In the world of social media, the users will likely share the website with their friends, leading to even more site traffic.