Web Design Company in Mumbai

You have a website and you’re driving SEO traffic to the website, but are you converting any of the visitors that land on it? It is important to consider how people are interacting with the web design of your website and making changes so that they buy, contact and interact longer. If you are not familiar with the term ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’, here are some tips you would like to include in your website to help convert people into customers.

Web design Company in Mumbai

  1. Create less friction by including a helper text next to the contact form, explaining to them what they should expect after they contact you.
  2. Add two or three badges for industry specific organization such as Authorize.Net for eCommerce site and Better Business Bureau for service related websites.
  3. Add some testimonial with the comments even on the inner pages along with photos of the commenter or something that will make those comment look like they come from real people.
  4. Humanize your copy. Strip out any ‘corporate-ese’ and add some down to earth banter, of course in a manner which will help to see what benefits they will receive from working with you or buying your product.
  5. Add images which are large, imaginative and stock which would show people working with your product or people interacting with your product.
  6. Add a full-width call to action page in the footer for all the inner pages of your website. Don’t be scared of adding images, but give some space for the button and the headlines so people know what needs to be done on the page..
  7. Minimize the number of contact form fields to the bare minimum. It is not worth it to ask for the phone number of the customer if all you need is the email address or vice versa.
  8. Have a cross-out price or a countdown timer so that people know when the sales is going to end or when people have an old price to compare the new price too.
  9. Take the biggest call to action and use an outlined button or contrasting color background button on the right of the navigation. Not only does this make it a primary thing the site is for, it makes it more prominent and gets them thinking in the right direction.
  10. Address Objections, and add guarantee or something free like a brief consultation to increase the leads coming in. If there are common problems, people have with your industry answer their concerns= and give people no reason to object, by simply making the contact form submission low commitment.