SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Why SEO is important to grow your online business and how it is not enough to just rely on SEO to rank high on search engines and you can do this by not relying high on social media.

Are you wondering if it is right to invest in Search Engine Optimization to grow your online business? “Is SEO dead?” if you search this you will get more than 10 million references. We have taken the views of Eddie Madan, CEO of Edkent Media – a digital marketing agency in Toronto on why you should invest in SEO and other Digital Media Marketing avenues to get the return on investment.

Eddie believes that SEO is far from dead. However, he believes that SEO has changed so much in the last few years that it is impossible to consider it just as a marketing scheme anymore but more of a branding initiative.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Being impartial to this outlook towards SEO and contrary to what you must have heard, organic SEO is yet not dead for many businesses. Many international multinational companies and SEO agencies are working on investing in a robust and SEO-optimized Web setup that is friendly with the search engines, provided the engines remain dedicated to improving their algorithms with time.

Here are some justifications for improving SEO investment in your business:

  • It is Still Effective

Even today, boosting Search Engine Optimization techniques to boost the visibility of both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SO still work. Many case studies have confirmed this, which were conducted after the release of Hummingbird.

According to Eddie, optimizing the user experience of a website using Search Engine optimization methods and techniques is likely to be rewarded with a higher rank as well as organic traffic.

  • No Sign to SEO ending Soon!

Well, SEO does not seem to be decreasing in effectiveness anytime soon. One can conclude this by considering keeping track of how Search engines are growing in terms of algorithmic domination. Nowadays Matt Cutts, the head of Spam at Google only seems to appear only a few times with some breaking news.

These days, the effectiveness of even Multimedia contents rely on the effective of the keywords chosen. So the growth is like this: From content to images to videos. This progress points to the sustained success of the SEO techniques.

  • It’s quite Affordable

It is more than a myth that Search Engine Optimization is expensive. It might appear so in the start, but not in the long run. And unlike other forms of digital marketing such as social media promotion and PPC advertising, SEO provides a significant amount of returns. PPC might provide you more returns and social media might boost your image, but search engine optimization is a multi-dimensional core of your online presence.

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