SEO Services Company in Mumbai

It takes a lot of effort to write a well-written blog post, part of it is to see that the content is up to the mark, but it also requires to make it is SEO friendly and including it in the blog post.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

If you want your blog to become popular and reach a greater audience, it has to rank on search engine results page of search engines. This is what SEO is all about, so here are five tips for creating the most SEO friendly blog posts you can:

  1. Outline the Structure of each Blog Post

The first thing to do to improve the readability of the blog post is to outline the structure of your blog post. A simple way to outline the structure is to write an introductory paragraph explaining the topic in hand and then to write three to five paragraphs explaining the main points and then writing a conclusion paragraph that wraps things up.

Another point to consider is to write each paragraph short in length while writing bullet points and subheading. Many readers do not have the time to read through each and every word of the blog post so they will just skim through the blog post and reach whatever that might interest them.

  1. SEO Keyword in Each Heading and Subheading

Writing innovative and keyword inclusive heading will make your blog more readable for audiences; they will also help the algorithms of major search engines understand what the blog is about, which is critical to help the blog post rank high enough and gain organic traffic.

  1. Check how People are Discovering Your Blog

You can consider adding the keywords which users are using in order to access your blog content. While guessing is not an option you can use SEO tools to find out which words and keywords are used to access the blog. What an analyzer will do is generate reports for the site of any link you submit, and these reports will list out the specific keywords people typed into their search engine to find the website.

  1. Optimize the Length of Your Articles

The length of the article is perceived by audiences to judge the value of the article. At a minimum an article should be more than 300 words long but less than 1000 words long. The longer the article, the lesser the perception that they would receive any value from it, so if your article is longer than a 1000 words it would be better to break the article into two posts.

  1. Link to Your Previous Content

If you have written relevant content before this blog post, then make sure you link it to that blog post so they’ll continue to live on through such links. After all, if someone is interested enough to read through this article, they would be also interested in reading through another one of your posts that’s on the same topic.

Driving Traffic to Your Green Living Blog

While driving traffic to the blog is important, it is fairly important that the quality of the content should not be questioned. Better content will always bring in more repeat visitors who will be interested in reading through the content and also like to share this content through social media. But effective search engine optimization (SEO) is also important to boost your ranking and bring in more visitors to your blog leading to better brand awareness.