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Many SEO people have a history, such that they have committed some form of mistake in their SEO campaign or are still doing so. Certainly, success in SEO doesn’t happen overnight – it basically takes a jolt of creativity, some self-direction, critical thinking and tons of hard work. You should avoid mistakes as this can affect your SEO campaign or even ruin your SEO career forever.

Although it is important to not to commit mistakes, we list 4 separate and inherit mistakes which most people are likely to commit while doing SEO. One of the key take away from this is the bad choice of keywords. As a SEO Services Company in India, this is one which has made many websites unproductive or to rot at the last spot of the Google search ranking. Most of the SEO people today will agree that the days of over keyword stuffing are gone, since the inception of semantic SEO.

Here are 10 tips to avoid in your SEO Strategy:

Wrong Mindset

This is the first thing which needs to be tackled, since most people wanting to do SEO on their business or website have it all wrong. Most people doing SEO  in the industry simply have the wrong, obsolete and dangerous mindset of SEO in the past.

Some common mistakes include considering SEO is all about links, SEO is done when you landed on the first page and SEO is about keyword density.

The correct mindset is that SEO extends beyond links, SEO is not done until you are sure you are satisfying user intents and SEO is about Semantic or meaning behind the words.

Bad Choice of Keywords

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, almost everyone knows these days that keywords are no longer the exact match type thing in the past. Today, it’s all about semantics of meaning behind words. But describing your pages with targeted keywords that matches exactly what the page is all about is what must be done.

Some common mistakes when choosing a keyword include, targeting the wrong keyword / Choosing keywords without research, General short tail keywords and keyword stuffing.

You need to properly describe your pages with targeted and relevant keyword, go with long-tail keywords and exact-match type keywords and explore semantic keywords.

Poor Content

Google announced the top 3 ranking factors and content was one of it. Publishing reliable, relevant, correct and well-written pieces in your website will greatly help you get more quality and targeted back links, and fewer chances of you being tagged as spam.

You should avoid copying content directly from another website; provide wrong and irrelevant information and no citations/stats to back-up your claim. What you need to do is to write original and relevant contents, use visual to enhance your contents and add verifiable citations for your claims and points.

Not Building Credible Back links

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, an undisputed fact that can greatly affect your rankings in Google is by building quality back links. These are links from established, credible and reputable websites that get a lot of visitors daily.

To ensure that you get quality back links and avoid getting back links from, spam websites, mass submission directories and website that reproduce contents without permission you need to make sure that each link is verified and genuine.

Slow Loading Website

Another mistake most companies make is that they avoid making the site load faster. This is another factor that affects search engine ranking. Google actually include this as a ranking signal, so don’t treat this lightly.

According to Google, most searches are performed on mobile phones and most users will not load a clunky and huge website as it is slow and uses up a lot of data.

Lack of MOBILE-Friendly SITE

As a SEO Services Company in Vashi, Lacking a website which is compatible for mobile devices is that your losing out a huge business in the digital market pie. With more than half of the audiences the demands information straight from their pockets, creating a responsive and mobile-friendly website is a need nowadays that no one can afford to ignore.

Google has also started using its mobile-friendly algorithm update, which boosts mobile ranking for websites which are mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website has the following five benefits: user experience, faster website load speed, improved mobile SEO and competitive edge over your competition.