SEO Services Company in Mumbai

The two major services of the digital world, nowadays is that of Search engine optimization and Search media marketing. Both are related at increasing the traffic while concentrating on a brand or a product. While both of them provide inherit advantage the end-result website is more suited to the search engine traffic.

To best increase your chances for conversion and tangible goals, you should aim at having a consistent web strategy and content which is relatable to both and the subtle difference that is related to both SEO And SMM traffic.

The Purpose of Social Media in a Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

One of the major mistakes a brand makes when targeting an audience is that they lack a clear purpose while doing so. At often time, both in the physical and digital space, decision makers are oblivious to the actual purpose of a trendy new business practice. This couldn’t be more obvious than in the current day scenario of digital marketing mostly social media and website optimization.

On the surface, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization aim to deliver more traffic to a website. For most businesses, traffic and conversion are two tangible metrics that make it easier for people to make a decision on which digital strategy to pursue. And in most cases, the long term benefits and revenue to search engine are undeniable to the short term benefits of social media.

However, where social media shines is in the brand building department. While you can target a specific keyword and optimize your website to better represent your brand, the limitations compared to social media platforms are obvious.

Using platforms such as twitter, facebook and instagram a brand is able to expand their operations via brand-based marketing that often translates into increased reach and recognition. Depending on the brand strategy to be employed, investing on one of the two marketing strategy would be more better for a business.

Delivery of Results in Terms of Traffic

Excluding the fact that both the social media and search engine marketing strategies are poles apart, in terms of traffic to a website, both have certain pros and cons.

For example, a social media strategy can result in a huge boost in traffic on the website for a short period of time. Yet, for the increase to be consistent and to have heavy traffic all throughout the month, heavy resource investment on a regular basis is required.

When relevance is lost, getting the same engagement is not possible without having heavy posting on social media accounts as long as posts are made regularly, traffic will and engagement will increase, but the moment this stops, both metrics will fall rapidly.

At the same time, search engine optimization is an investment that requires long-term commitment for a period of time with results, which can be seen in a few months only. However, the result for search engine are retained for a long period of time and can be maintained relatively easily without heavy resource investment.

The bad part of SEO results is that the revenue can be counted as long as it is expected through natural searches, which are outside of the control of a business. With SEO you are dedicated to the target audience in site and don’t have any flexibility in terms of content.

Plus, changes in the brand, operation and even products can highly affect your SEO strategy.