SMBs Invest Enough, But Focus on Wrong SEO Metrics

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

B2B Research and review firm, Clutch have come out with a report saying that SMBs, even though use search engine optimization for their businesses, invest enough for their efforts but their metrics are completely wrong.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Fifty two percent of SMBs in the US invested in SEO in the last year and even more about 74% will invest in SEO this year. However, according to clutch, more than 50% of the companies limit themselves to on-page optimization and local searches rather than content creation and guest posting.

The extent of SMB SEO efforts appears to be dictated by the resources used, says Clutch. Six out of 10 SMBs use in-house resources for their SEO when it rather a combination of in-house and external agencies, consultants or software which is effective.

“The in-house individual reaches a point in which they hit their limits. They don’t have the training,” said John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility. “To be truly viable in this competitive online space, it is important to have the assistance of an expert who comes from a reputed company along with somebody who’s in-house.”

The amount of organic traffic from search engine is the first quantifier for such measurement of SEO effectiveness and the quality of backlinks and quantity of it is another part of the measurement.

“The goal of SEO is to measure and rank highly for search terms real people use to find answers to their question,” says Michael Mignogna, CEO of SEO and marketing firm Minyona. “So an expert should not focus on either the amount of organic traffic or backlinks in terms of SEO. Instead, they should be reporting on which keywords people are actually typing into search, and where the business ranks for those searches.”