Benefits of Using SEO Planner Tools

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SEO is a form of online advertising, where you signal to a search engine that your site is highly relevant to the query searched by users. For example, if you sell cat food to cats, then whenever someone searches for ‘cat food’ your website should show up in the search results.

Whenever your search term is entered in the search engine your website should show up high in the search result. It is important to not just be listed but to be at the top of search results. It is seen that users click on search results which rank high i.e. top results in the first page of the result and 20 percent or fewer click on the second page.

There are a number of ways to tell the search engine that your website is relevant to particular keywords and phrases. These include naming the URLs on your site a certain way, making use of HTML tags, and injecting keywords in the written content on your webpages.

Is SEO Free?

Most of SEO activities since it is form of organic advertising, does not require paying search engine directly. You may still end up spending money to have a professional developer use these techniques in building the website, and to drive traffic to the site using content marketing. Another way of SEO, is posting links on social media platform but do not pay it to be shown to individual users who do not follow you.

Organic advertising is technically free, but you are going to pay for certain services provided to you by experts. Even if you do not hire a web developer, you’re still going to put in time and effort to create your site, ensure that it follows search engine standards and generate content for it.

Benefits of SEO

Even if SEO is not completely free, you will find that the ROI for SEO is especially very high as compared to other forms of advertising. Once your site has been established as a top site in search results, it is fairly easy to maintain your rank. This may require you to make small adjustments over time as search engines change their methods for determining relevancy.

This is completely different from other form of advertising, which require you to pay continuously to be able to advertise your site. With PPC you need to pay a certain amount of money whenever someone visits your website. This can be a costly decision, especially if you are in a competitive industry.

This is due to the fact that PPC campaigns cost are determined based on keyword auctions. While the average cost for a PPC click through Google Adwords is around two dollars, there are some ads that cost a company more than $100 if they are clicked on.

Another form of advertising is the use of Banner Ads. You pay a flat rate for a certain number of impressions, which is usually 1000 and you’re not normally charged extra if someone clicks on your ad. Banner ads are usually far less expensive than PPC Ads, and they generally cost less than five dollars per one thousand views.