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A sitemap is a webpage either html or xml which contains the data of web pages with one single website. It is considered a log of all the links in the website on a single page. This page is important and needs to be found easily so search engine crawlers can stumble upon it.

Sitemaps were created when websites became highly complex and large, and blogging became a daily updatable thing with the website owners.

Millions of websites have an updated version of web pages almost every day and scanning and finding these previously non-reachable web pages became important so that search engines could link to it.

It is noted that search engines no longer have any trouble finding new or previously removed web pages because of these correctly implemented sitemaps.

Using a Sitemap

A Sitemap is an ordered list for search engine crawlers to link to all of the individual pages so that the program will not overlook any of the content or pages. Sometimes, a webmaster will leave certain pages out of the list because they are considered to be invisible.

It is therefore seen that certain URLs on a website cannot be crawled by a search engine bot or spider.  When creating a sitemap you are basically creating a file which is hosted on the server with other URLs on the server and uses the information and content and submits these pages to search engines.

Sitemaps are a database of links and use to index pages which are present on the server. And this means that pages which were not able to be indexed by search engines can now be indexed.

It should be noted that sitemaps do not alter the visual effects on the web pages, and it does not change the way the website is indexed. The sitemap basically makes the content and other information on the web page more visible to the search engine. It should also be understood that listing web pages on sitemap files will not help the pages to be search engine optimized, and thus have just a slight effect on a website’s overall page rank.

Creating a Sitemap

With the help of certain web tools you can automatically help create a sitemap for your website. It is not required that you should create it manually. There are also options to include sub domains in the crawl and options to ignore certain URLs.

Using tools like Dyno Mapper you can enter the website URL is the field and there will be an interactive map will be created, along with detailed analytics about the website. You will gain access to all of the information regarding inventory, as well as the capability to collaborate with the other individuals associated with the project.

Does a Sitemap Boost Your On-Site SEO

When you create a sitemap you basically give all the information and list all the webpages which need to be indexed. The more pages that you have to index, the more authority that your website will gain in the search engine rankings.

A sitemap’s purpose is to ensure that search engine crawlers are able to crawl all of the information intended from the website. Sitemaps are not used for internal linking or navigation only search engine spiders.

Search engines are used to provide individuals with information regarding the best way to get any information and services they are looking for on the internet. They function as a directory with an index of information about the website and provides the information to the search engine and users. The most important function of sitemap is to allow search engines to crawl sites and then collect information.